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Buxton Road

April 19, 2011

Following comments from drivers about the long delays on Buxton Road, please find below some information as to why this is:

  • It is only recently that the SCOOT system has been introduced in the Boot Hill corridor, which is the element that links the junctions and allows them to react to traffic flows and learn traffic patterns/behaviour.

Now this system is in operation the corridor should become more responsive, however, the full benefits won’t be seen until all the junction works are complete.

  • The phasing of the Wyke Road junction does mean that northbound drivers will have a quicker journey time using Portland Road and Wyke Road to get onto Boot Hill.

This is why, as part of the Weymouth Transport Package, improvements are being made to the junction by All Saints Church.

The phasing at the Wyke Road junction has allowed the controlled pedestrian crossings to be installed.

Also, because of the narrow road width, if northbound and southbound traffic were to run at the same time a single vehicle wishing to turn right would bring southbound traffic to a standstill.


Reminder – road closure

April 19, 2011

Portland Road closure (large version)

A small section of Portland Road will be closed to traffic on Wednesday and Thursday between 6pm and midnight.

This is so that the area can be resurfaced and the new lining for the junction can be laid.

Northbound traffic will be directed along Buxton Road, down Cross Road and onto Wyke Road.

Southbound traffic will be directed down Lanehouse Rocks Road onto Lynch Road, along Chickerell Road and down Abbotsbury Road to Westham Crossroads. Drivers will then be signed along the A354 southbound.

Read the press release.

Cemetery junction works

April 8, 2011

Portland Road junction with Wyke Road (large version)

Work will start on Monday 18 April, for four days, to install a mini-roundabout at the Portland Road junction with Wyke Road.

As a result of changes at the Wyke Road junction with Rodwell Road some northbound traffic from the Portland direction will naturally be re-routed along Wyke Road towards Rodwell Road (Boot Hill), or down Lanehouse Rocks Road.

To ensure that drivers can use these routes as a viable alternative, the junction of Portland Road with Wyke Road (cemetery junction) is being improved.

Stop/go boards will be used outside of peak traffic times on the Monday and Tuesday, and on the Wednesday and Thursday nights a short section of Portland Road will be closed.

Read the press release.

Portland Road / Wyke Road junction

February 24, 2011

Portland Road junction with Wyke Road (large version)As part of the transport package project, improvements are being made to the Portland Road junction with Wyke Road (cemetery junction).

Changes are needed at this junction as a result of changes at the Wyke Road junction with Rodwell Road – some northbound traffic will naturally re-routed along Wyke Road towards Rodwell Road (Boot Hill), or down Lanehouse Rocks Road.

To assist this, and ensure that the route becomes a viable alternative, cemetery junction must be improved.

Read more about the scheme here.

Wyke Road junction to go live

February 18, 2011

Wyke Road junction (large version)The new signalised Wyke Road junction with Boot Hill is being switched on today, and will be open again to two-way traffic.

The Rodwell Avenue junction is programmed to go live at the start of March.

Work left to do on Harbour Junction & Boot Hill

December 20, 2010

Harbour Junction artists impression (large version)In January work will restart on Harbour Junction and on Boot Hill.

The junctions were originally programmed to be completed by Christmas but the extreme cold weather prevented essential work such as concrete pouring and tarmac laying to take place.

The remaining work includes:

  • Building last traffic island at Harbour Junction
  • Installing and testing signals at Harbour Junction
  • Surfacing of Harbour Junction
  • Installing and testing new signals at Rodwell Avenue junction
  • Installing and testing new signals at Wyke Road junction
  • Finishing pedestrian island near Chickerell Road junction
  • Installing and testing new signals at Chickerell Road junction
  • Complete additional drainage and surfacing from Rodwell Avenue to Buxton Road
  • Surfacing Boot Hill, including entrance to Rodwell Avenue, Wyke Road and Chickerell Road

Due to the weather the site will shut down for the Christmas break from today, Monday 20 December. The site will reopen on Tuesday 4 January 2011.

The visitors centre will reopen on Thursday 6 January 2011.

Boot Hill

December 7, 2010

Boot Hill will reopen to two-way traffic on Thursday 9 December, but work will continue on the junctions.

This means that Wyke Road will need to be closed at its junction with Boot Hill to ensure the safety of motorists and workers. There will also be times when Chickerell Road is closed.

Despite working double shifts to stay on programme the extreme weather has prevented essential work from taking place, which means that the Boot Hill junctions and Harbour Junction will go live in the New Year.

Read the press release.

A look ahead

October 27, 2010


This week work started on improving the access into Asda.

A slip lane into the car park is being installed so that traffic into Asda and traffic onto Newstead Road will be separated, helping the flow of traffic.


Boot Hill and Wyke Road

October 1, 2010

Boot Hill mini-roundabout (large version)An emergency road order came into effect yesterday to allow drivers to turn right into Wyke Road from Boot Hill.

The team recognised that the right turn needed to be reinstated to ease congestion in the area, including the knock-on it is having on rat-runs in the area.

Junction improvement work is ongoing in the Wyke Road area and should be largely finished in early October.


Franchise Street

September 22, 2010

Franchise Street and Wyke Road junction (large version)Franchise Street is in its second, and final, week of closure and the transport package work has moved into the area.

The kerbing, at the streets junction with Rodwell Road, is being realigned and ducting is being put under the road for the cabling for the  signals at the junction of Wyke Road and Boot Hill.

Franchise Street will reopen on Monday.