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Night work ahead of schedule

June 14, 2011

Due to the good weather, night surfacing works have progressed well and there are some changes to the original dates:

Kings junction surfacing will now finish on Friday morning.

Westham Crossroads remedial work will be brought forward to between 7pm and 6am on:

  • Friday 17 June
  • Monday 20 June



Landscaping work

April 14, 2011

 Westham and Harbour artists impressions (large version)

Work has started this week to plant the landscaped areas around the Harbour and Westham Crossroads.

The top-soiled areas will be grass seeded and have trees planted as agreed with the borough council parks department.

Throughout the whole scheme around 190 trees will be planted.

Trees for the unfinished junctions are being planted in a nursery and looked after until needed.

Westham finishing work

March 29, 2011

Westham approaches reduced (large version)Tomorrow, Wednesday 30 March, from around 9am all approaches at Westham Crossroads will be reduced and controlled with stop/go boards while an electricity supply is replaced.

Once this is finished the junction signals will be switched back on.

However, the slip lanes will remain closed and will not reopen until later in the day when illuminated give way signs have been installed and the light columns have been painted.

Going live

December 14, 2010

Westham Crossroads signals will be switched on tomorrow.

The signals have been programmed with traffic flow information collected over the last two years, and once switched on they will record information about traffic going through the junction and become gradually more efficient.

Vehicle detectors buried in the road on every lane of the junction will measure traffic flows and allow more green time to be given to the busier approaches.

Read the press release.

Bad weather

November 18, 2010

Westham Junction 16 Nov (large version)

During tonight’s work at Westham, there will also be two-way lights at Harbour Junction.

As Westwey Road will already be closed for the Westham Junction works, putting two-way lights in place will allow signal ducting to be put across North Quay and Newstead Road.

The temporary signals will be up between 7pm and 1am.

Due to the bad weather this week, night work will also take place at Westham Junction on Monday 22 November between 7pm and 6am, with temporary signals at Harbour Junction again between 7pm and 1am.

Final surfacing

November 11, 2010

Westham Junction will be closed for four evenings next week for the final road surface to be laid.

  • Monday 15 November, 7pm to 6am
  • Tuesday 16 November, 7pm to 6am
  • Wednesday 17 November, 7pm to 6am
  • Thursday 18 November, 7pm to 6am

It is hoped that the work will only take the first three evenings.

Although Siemens have finished installing the signals at Westham Junction, these will be switched on later this year when the Harbour Junction and Boot Hill signals go live.

During the surfacing, Weymouth Way will be closed between Westham Junction and Chafey’s Roundabout, and Swannery Bridge and Westwey Road will be closed. And Abbotsbury Road will be closed between the Westham Junction and Westham Road.

Buses will be guided through the area from 7pm until the last bus of the day. A gateman will be at each of these access points to control traffic into the area.

Westwey night closure

October 28, 2010

The length of Westwey Road will be closed on 2 & 3 November between 8pm and 6am so that reconstruction work can be carried out on the road at either end.

While the road is closed, traffic island work and some surfacing will also be carried out at Harbour Junction under two-way traffic lights.

Emergency vehicles and buses will be guided through the area.

Read more here.

A look ahead

October 27, 2010


This week work started on improving the access into Asda.

A slip lane into the car park is being installed so that traffic into Asda and traffic onto Newstead Road will be separated, helping the flow of traffic.


View from October

October 25, 2010

Westham Junction (large version)

Aerial photos of the works, taken in October, are now on our Flickr account.

The new shape of the junctions are becoming visible, as you can see in this picture of Westham Junction.

Slip lanes

October 15, 2010

Westham Junction night work (large version)

Night work on Westham Junction has gone to plan with 1000 tonnes of material laid over the three nights.

This has built the level of the road up to binder level (middle road layer). Work will now start on the signal loop boxes and Siemens will soon be working in the area to put in the signals.

All the dedicated slip lanes are complete and many people will have already used the new left turn slip lane from Weymouth Way onto Swannery Bridge.

The use of the slip lanes will be limited until all associated works are finished, however, they will be open whenever possible to help the flow of traffic in the area.