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Traffic Management this week

July 18, 2011

There will be various forms of traffic management in place this week to complete finishing works for the Weymouth Transport Package. Areas affected include: 

  • The Esplanade, to clean out drainage – two-way traffic lights in place on Tuesday 19 July, 9.30am to 4pm
  • Westham Crossroads, to complete work on vehicle detection equipment – local traffic management
  • Jubilee Close, to complete work on vehicle detection equipment – local traffic management
  • Abbotsbury Road, to complete signage – local traffic management
  • North Quay, to complete work on vehicle detection equipment – local traffic management
  • Work to complete top soiling on all junctions – local traffic management

Tuesday traffic management

May 16, 2011

On Tuesday 17 May there will be some traffic management in place after the morning peak traffic.

  • The Wyke Road junction will be switched off and controlled with stop/go boards while a signal controller pillar is replaced
  • The Rodwell Avenue junction will be switched off and controlled with stop/go boards while a signal controller pillar is replaced

Southern Electric works to replace electric supply housing equipment started in April, however, these two remained outstanding and were reprogrammed to be completed after the bank holiday period (the junctions will be worked on one at a time).

Also on Tuesday morning, vehicle detection equipment will be installed at the new Lanehouse junction under stop/go boards.

Once this work has been completed, there will be stop/go boards on The Esplanade for a short time while further vehicle detection loops are cut into the road for the new Jubilee Clock Junction.


May 13, 2011

Mini-roundabout layout at Kings Junction (large version)

On Sunday morning there may be some delays in the area of Kings Roundabout while the traffic management layout is changed.

The large temporary roundabout will be replaced with a mini-roundabout.

As you can see from this drawing, left-turn lanes will be provided (apart from Radipole Park Drive into King Street), with right-turning traffic and straight-on traffic using another lane to go round the mini-roundabout.

The change in layout will give workers access to areas that haven’t been reached so far; to continue realigning the kerbs and building splitter islands for the new junction.

It will also allow access to the area next to Jubilee Retail Park, where a large amount of work is needed to build out the kerbs and realign the footpath.

The mini-roundabout will be in place until the new junction goes live in July.

Town Bridge work

May 5, 2011

Traffic over Weymouth’s Town Bridge will be controlled with stop/go boards next week while engineers make emergency repairs.

Dorset Highways needs to reinforce the steel plates to ensure that the bridge can continue to operate safely until its planned refurbishment in 2012.

The traffic control will be in use between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday. It is hoped the work will take one week.

The bridge will lift as usual.

Esplanade work

April 18, 2011

There will be some delays on The Esplanade on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

Two-way temporary lights will be in use for a few hours after peak traffic tomorrow while preparation work is carried out for Wednesday.

On Wednesday, stop/go boards will be in use during the day while detection equipment is installed for the new junction by the Jubilee Clock.

We apologise for the inconvenience this will cause.

Delays expected

April 8, 2011

Lanehouse junction with Lynch Road (large version)Serious traffic delays are anticipated in the Lanehouse area for the next two weeks.

Wessex Water will start work on Monday 11 April to carry out emergency repairs to a burst water main on Lanehouse Rocks Road.

This work will be carried out under manually controlled two-way lights and is expected to last two weeks.

In addition, work is still underway – controlled with three-way lights – to improve the Lanehouse junction with Lynch Road.

It is not possible to operate both work areas under one set of four-way temporary lights due to traffic coming from Benville Road.


Surfacing work

March 31, 2011

Two-way temporary traffic signals will be in place on The Esplanade on:

  • Friday 1 April
  • Saturday 2 April

Three-way lights will be in use on:

  • Monday 4 April
  • Tuesday 5 April

This is so that the surfacing can be laid for the new Esplanade junction. This will be weather dependent.

Three-way lights will be needed on Monday and Tuesday as King Street will be two-way between the seafront and the Esso garage to allow access during the Wessex Water closure at the opposite end.

Westham finishing work

March 29, 2011

Westham approaches reduced (large version)Tomorrow, Wednesday 30 March, from around 9am all approaches at Westham Crossroads will be reduced and controlled with stop/go boards while an electricity supply is replaced.

Once this is finished the junction signals will be switched back on.

However, the slip lanes will remain closed and will not reopen until later in the day when illuminated give way signs have been installed and the light columns have been painted.

Traffic management

March 28, 2011

Tomorrow, Tuesday 29 March, there will be four-way stop/go boards in use at Harbour Crossroads while a signal pole is straightened and detection equipment is installed.

Throughout the rest of this week, there will be some lane closures while further detection equipment and an additional signal pole are installed.

Traffic management update

February 25, 2011

Radipole Park Drive layout (large version)Manually controlled two-way lights are currently being used during the day on The Esplanade while work is carried out to build the pedestrian island near the Jubilee Clock.

At night, the work area is coned off and the lights are taken away. At some point, it will be necessary to have the temporary lights up throughout the day and night.

Next week, Radipole Park Drive will be narrowed at the entrance to the Jubilee Retail Park for gas works in the area.