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Rumour – retail park exit

June 13, 2011

Jubilee Retail Park junction (large version)

Vehicles will still be able to turn right out of the Jubilee Retail Park onto Radipole Park Drive.

It appears that the construction of the pedestrian/traffic island on Jubilee Close has caused some people to believe that it will be left turn only.

As you can see from this design drawing, there will be a left turn filter lane and a separate lane for people wishing to turn right or go straight on into the Swannery Car Park.


Myth buster

July 30, 2010

Myth: Working through the summer is a ‘joke’

The Weymouth Transport Package work has to be finished by July 2011 in time for the Olympic test sailing events and 12 months before the Olympic and Paralympic Games themselves, as restricted by the Olympic Delivery Authority on all highway works.

In order to get the work done, we have to work through the summer this year, and as it is the busiest time for Weymouth we are working on Boot Hill rather than in King Street.

The alternative of working on both corridors at the same time over the winter 2010 and spring 2011 is not feasible.

Myth buster

June 30, 2010

Myth: It’s just for two weeks in summer 2012

The Weymouth Transport Package is a series of permanent measures to improve the towns biggest transport issues ahead of the 2012 Games.

Without this investment the road network would deteriorate, and Weymouth as a destination for tourism and employment would decay. (more…)

Myth buster

June 18, 2010

Myth: Roundabouts are better than traffic lights

It’s all a question of capacity and control.

The current roundabouts in the town centre corridors cannot cope with the volume of traffic and frequently cause congestion.

Intelligent traffic signals, which talk to each other, can handle a much larger capacity of traffic and will be able to control the shifting pattern of vehicle movements.

They will also be able to sense buses and prioritise them through the junctions, making buses more reliable.

The only way to increase the capacity of the roundabouts is to increase their size, which is not possible due to the amount of land available.

Likewise, putting signals on the roundabouts would not work due to the current size of the roundabouts. 

Myth buster

June 16, 2010

Myth: Nothing is being done to help Lynch Road

After the first day of the Boot Hill diversion, measures were put in place to prevent drivers from turning right from Lanehouse Rocks Road into Lynch Road. This right-hand turn had largely caused the congestion on Lanehouse Rocks Road.

The measures included:

  • Advisory sign stating no right-turn accept for access
  • Removal of the right-hand turn phase of lights, making it very hard for vehicles to turn right
  • Signals at Lynch Road junction with Fiveways changed to keep traffic waiting longer to try and dissuade people from rat-running along the road

As with all diversions, it relies on drivers following the advised route and not rat-running on local roads. Drivers cannot be forced onto diversion routes.

The next – more severe step – is to ban the right-hand turn altogether. However, this would have a large impact on residents and businesses on Lynch Road and cannot be taken lightly.