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Landscaping work

April 14, 2011

 Westham and Harbour artists impressions (large version)

Work has started this week to plant the landscaped areas around the Harbour and Westham Crossroads.

The top-soiled areas will be grass seeded and have trees planted as agreed with the borough council parks department.

Throughout the whole scheme around 190 trees will be planted.

Trees for the unfinished junctions are being planted in a nursery and looked after until needed.



June 10, 2010

Kings Roundabout plants (large version)

The new junctions have been designed to keep as much green space as possible around them to compensate for the loss of the roundabout greenery.

We’ve also discussed with the borough council’s parks department which plants can be relocated from the roundabouts:

Harbour Roundabout – two of the Japanese flowering cherries are decayed and others are too mature to be economically relocated so will be removed

Westham Roundabout – the palm trees are too mature to move, other plants and shrubs have either been moved already or had cuttings taken for propagation

Kings Roundabout – the palm trees and tropical foliage will be saved and relocated to Alexandra Gardens