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King Street corridor

August 11, 2011

Since the King Street signals were switched on it has not been working as efficiently as it could do to clear congestion. This is because we could not introduce the SCOOT system, which is the element that links the junctions, when the signals were first switched on.

The SCOOT system will be in place by the end of this week so that next week we can start to manage traffic flows along the corridor and reduce some of the congestion that has been forming there.

We will continue to keep a close eye on the network and make improvements where necessary to ensure the system is working as efficiently as possible.


King Street two-way

July 19, 2011

King Street will reopen to two-way traffic during Thursday 21 July.

Thank you for your patience during the one-way closure.

On Wednesday 20 July, the new signals at the junction of Queen Street with King Street will be switched on.

The Esplanade signalised junction will also be switched on during Wednesday 20 July.

The Jubilee Retail Park junction will be switched on next week.


King Street one-way again

July 1, 2011

The work to rebuild a Wessex Water manhole has finished a day early, meaning that King Street will reopen to one-way traffic later tonight.

King Street will reopen to two-way traffic in three weeks time.

Road closure – King Street & Queen Street

June 24, 2011

The closure of Queen Street is being extended to midnight on Saturday 2 July.

King Street will also be closed between The Esplanade and Park Street from the early hours of Wednesday 29 June to midnight on Saturday 2 July.

Vehicles will be able cross King Street to and from Gloucester Mews and Crescent Street, with Crescent Street becoming two-way during the closure.

Drivers will be able to access the Esso Garage and Upway Street from the Kings junction end of King Street.

The train station should be accessed via Astrid Way and Queen Street.

Park Street will be unaffected by the closure and pedestrian access will be maintained along King Street at all times.


Road closure – further extension

June 17, 2011

The closure of Queen Street is being extended to midnight on Monday 27 June.

An unmarked manhole has been unexpectedly found in the junction of Queen Street and King Street and must be reconstructed.

Work is underway to inspect the manhole so that plans can be drawn up on the best way to rebuild it, to ensure that it can take the volume of traffic expected and doesn’t collapse.

We hope this work will not take longer than stated, however, it relies on what conditions are found during the investigation of the manhole.

Reminder – King Street surfacing

June 17, 2011

King Street closure (large version)

Night work to surface King Street will start on Tuesday 21 June and take five nights.

This means that King Streetwill be closed between 6.30pm and midnight on:

  • Tuesday 21 June
  • Wednesday 22 June
  • Thursday 23 June
  • Friday 24 June
  • Monday 27 June

Residents of Upway Street will be able to access their properties from the Kings junction end of King Street, and the Esso petrol station will be open for business as usual with access from Kings junction.

There will also be two-way signals on The Esplanade during the work so that the surfacing will link in with the Jubilee Clock junction.

Extension – Queen Street closure

June 16, 2011

Unfortunately the work being undertaken in Queen Street has taken longer than anticipated as the ground condition is worse than expected.

This means that Queen Street will be closed for an extra 2 days until 4pm on Saturday 18 June.

Apologies for the inconvenience that this may cause.

Night work ahead of schedule

June 14, 2011

Due to the good weather, night surfacing works have progressed well and there are some changes to the original dates:

Kings junction surfacing will now finish on Friday morning.

Westham Crossroads remedial work will be brought forward to between 7pm and 6am on:

  • Friday 17 June
  • Monday 20 June


Queen Street closure

June 10, 2011

Queen Street diversion (large version)

Vehicles will be unable to leave the Park District via Queen Street for four days next week.

Between 6am on Monday and 6pm on Thursday, traffic will be diverted along Ranelagh Road, Charles Street and Lennox Street while the access from Queen Street onto King Street is closed.

The closure is required so that the road can be reconstructed ahead of the surfacing work, which is due to start on King Street on Tuesday 21 June.

Hopefully the reconstruction work will not take the full four days, however it is weather dependent.

Month of night work

May 27, 2011

Night surfacing work (large version)

Throughout June, night time road closures will be in place in the area of King Street so that surfacing work can be carried out as quickly as possible.

Kings junction will be closed between 7pm and 6am on the following dates:

  • Monday 6 June to Friday 10 June
  • Monday 13 June to Friday 17 June
  • Monday 20 June

King Street will then be closed between 6.30pm and midnight on:

  • Tuesday 21 June to Friday 24 June
  • Monday 27 June

Radipole Park Drive will be closed from Jubilee Retail Park to Kings junction between 7pm and 6am on:

  • Tuesday 28 June to Friday 1 July

The surfacing work is weather dependent and subject to change. Any alteration to the dates will be posted on this blog.

Read the press release.