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Pedestrian diversion route

March 18, 2011

Swannery pedestrian diversion route (large version)

Work will be starting next week to build the new footpath around Swannery Car Park.

The green line in this drawing shows the pedestrian diversion route that will be in place.

Three gangs are assigned to work in this area to get the work done as quickly as possible so the busy footpath can be reopened. It is expected to take around five weeks.


Boot Hill and Harbour traffic management

January 5, 2011

Work will continue in the Boot Hill and Harbour Junction area over the weekend, with Harbour Junction closed 6pm Sunday 9 January to 6am Monday 10 January.

The diversion route will be along Granby Way – Chickerell Link Road – Chickerell Road – Lanehouse Rocks Road – Portland Road – Buxton Road – Rodwell Road.

On Monday 10 January, Boot Hill will revert back to the one-way system which was in place last year, with Hope Square also one-way for local traffic.

The cold weather has put this work behind programme and to get it completed as soon as possible workers need greater access to the area.

There will also be three-way temporary traffic lights at Harbour Junction. These measures will be put in place before the Monday morning peak traffic and will last 14 days – to Monday 24 January.

Read the press release.

Junction closed for surfacing work

December 15, 2010

Diversion for Harbour Junction closure (large version)

Surfacing work will be carried out overnight on the Harbour Junction:

6pm Sunday 19 December to 6am Monday 20 December

With the following roads closed except for access to properties:

  • Westwey Road
  • North Quay between Trinity Road and Harbour Junction
  • Newstead Road between Marsh Road and Harbour Junction
  • Rodwell Road between Rodwell Avenue and Harbour Junction

The diversion route will be:

Weymouth Way – Granby Way – Chickerell Link Road – Chickerell Road – Lanehouse Rocks Road – Portland Road – Buxton Road – Rodwell Road

This work is weather dependent and may be postponed if the conditions are too cold.

Fiveways junction failure

November 9, 2010

The traffic signals at Fiveways have failed due to a wiring fault.

Temporary traffic signals are currently being put in place, but these are likely to result in delays to traffic and will have a knock on effect on the current Lanehouse diversion route around the transport package works.

The temporary signals will be manually controlled during peak commuter and school traffic times.

It is hoped the signals will be reinstated before the end of tomorrow.

Essential bridge maintenance

September 2, 2010

Swannery Bridge (large version)

Starting on Monday 20 September, Swannery Bridge will be one-way towards the seafront (eastbound) for up to six weeks while it is re-waterproofed.

Traffic, including bus routes, will be able to use the bridge to get into the town centre. Drivers leaving the town centre will be diverted onto the Esplanade, up Dorchester Road to Manor Roundabout and along Weymouth Way.

Town Bridge will remain open to two-way traffic.

As the work is weather dependent, six weeks have been allowed, however, the project team aims to get the work done in three to four weeks.

Swannery Bridge was last waterproofed in 1984, during it’s construction, and is overdue this essential maintenance as waterproofing normally lasts 20 to 25 years.

Read more about the work in the press release.

Diversion for water works

September 1, 2010

Roadworks icon (large version)Wessex Water will be replacing a water main on Abbotsbury Road, starting on Monday 6 September and scheduled to last sixteen weeks.

Dorset County Council has approved a temporary traffic order to make Abbotsbury Road one-way between Cromwell Road and Westham Roundabout so that the works can be carried out safely. (more…)

Boot Hill re-opens to two-way traffic on Carnival Day

August 12, 2010

Weymouth Transport Package (large version)

Construction work on the Weymouth Transport Package will be suspended on Wednesday 18 August – Weymouth Carnival Day – with Boot Hill reopened to two-way traffic for one day.

After discussions with Southern Gas Networks Dorset County Council’s highways team has taken the decision to stop work and allow motorists up and down Boot Hill for one day, to minimise disruption to the town’s road network.

The visitors centre in Swannery Car Park will be closed on Wednesday 18 August, but will be open again on Thursday 19 August between midday and 2pm.

Read the press release.

Harbour Junction

August 9, 2010

Harbour Junction traffic managment layout (large version)

Work to build a retaining wall at Harbour Junction on the corner of Newstead Road and Boot Hill starts this week. This wall will allow the road to be widened at the junction to Boot Hill.

The piling works to build the retaining wall are contained within the works area, however during these works there will be pavement restrictions in place. The diverted pedestrian route is shown in green on the drawing above.

The works are due to last nine weeks.

Hope Square

July 28, 2010

Weymouth Transport Package (large version)From Saturday 31 July Hope Square and Trinity Road will be one-way towards the town bridge (northbound).

Vehicles, including deliveries, wishing to access the area will have to travel up Boot Hill and down Rodwell Avenue.

With rising reports of badly parked vehicles causing unacceptable delays, and as the peak season for visitors starts, the time has come to change the traffic management of this area.

The one-way system will be in place until Boot Hill reopens to two-way traffic later this year. However, it will be reviewed after the summer holiday period.

Drivers should remain vigilant to oncoming traffic as emergency vehicles, including lifeboat crew, may still access Trinity Road and Hope Square from the town bridge.

Read the press release.

Traffic is flowing

June 17, 2010

Lanehouse sign (large version)

Signals on Lanehouse Rocks Road were altered after the first day of the Weymouth Transport Package diversion along the road caused heavy congestion.

Lanehouse Rocks Road has seen a 75 per cent increase in traffic since the start of the junction works on Harbour Roundabout.

Vehicle counting software has also recorded that there is only a small increase in the delay usually experienced before the works started.

Read more here.