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Kings Statue finishing works

July 28, 2011

Next week the area around the King’s Statue will be resurfaced, and signal the end of the bus stop improvement work in the area.

Surfacing of this area is being carried out overnight on:

  • Sunday 31 July, 4pm to 1am
  • Tuesday 2 August, 6.30pm to 1am
  • Wednesday 3 August, 6.30pm to 1am
  • Thursday 4 August, 6.30pm to 1am (work should be completed earlier than 1am)

Night work will not be carried out on Monday 1 August due to the evening events in the borough.

During these working hours Stop/Go boards will be in operation to manage traffic.

It will not be possible for buses and taxis to stop within the working area during these hours. Bus services will use the park & ride stop at Marks & Spencer during these works.   



Iconic shelters for seafront

June 21, 2011

New bus shelter on seafront (large version)

The seven old, brown bus shelters at The King’s Statue are being replaced with modern, stylish, sailing-inspired shelters.

As part of the £4.75m Weymouth Showcase element of the transport package, the new shelters will also have real time information displays for passengers to see exactly when the next bus is due.

Three shelters on the beach side of The Esplanade have been installed so far and the remaining four will be installed on the shop side of The Esplanade in July, after the bus stop improvement work in the area has been completed.

The glass for the shelters will be fitted once the final surfacing of the road has been laid, and the real time information displays will be operational later this year.

Read the press release.

Kings Statue update

May 18, 2011

Work to install Puffin Crossing (large version)

Work has now started on the pedestrian crossing opposite the old Tourist Information Centre, which is being upgraded to a Puffin Crossing.

The pavements are also being built out so that there is less distance to cross and the barriers will be removed, so the crossing is in keeping with the other new crossings on The Esplanade.

It will take around four weeks to complete the crossing, during which time pedestrians will be directed to the crossing near The Criterion restaurant.

Work will start on the second half of the bus stops – on the shop side of The Esplanade – on Monday 13 June.

The King’s Statue area is currently programmed to be resurfaced the week starting Monday 18 July.

Bus stop improvements

March 21, 2011

New bus stop layout (large version)

Work will start on Monday 28 March to reorganise and improve the bus stops in the area of King George III Statue.

Improvement work includes: 

  • Building out pavements to create more space
  • Installing raised kerbs along full length of bus stop markings to ensure ease of access onto buses
  • Pedestrian crossing width reduced to make crossing easier
  • Removing some of existing kerb to ensure buses can pull into stop without obstructing traffic
  • Installing seven new modern bus shelters
  • Preparing electricity connections for real time information displays

It will take around ten weeks to complete the work. Bus stops on the beach side of the statue will be improved first and work will then switch to the shop side.

Read the press release.