Kings Statue finishing works

Next week the area around the King’s Statue will be resurfaced, and signal the end of the bus stop improvement work in the area.

Surfacing of this area is being carried out overnight on:

  • Sunday 31 July, 4pm to 1am
  • Tuesday 2 August, 6.30pm to 1am
  • Wednesday 3 August, 6.30pm to 1am
  • Thursday 4 August, 6.30pm to 1am (work should be completed earlier than 1am)

Night work will not be carried out on Monday 1 August due to the evening events in the borough.

During these working hours Stop/Go boards will be in operation to manage traffic.

It will not be possible for buses and taxis to stop within the working area during these hours. Bus services will use the park & ride stop at Marks & Spencer during these works.   

Access to The Esplanade from Westham Road will be maintained during most of the work. There will be short periods of time when access is not possible while work is being carried out across the junction – this work will be completed later in the evening to minimise disruption to traffic. 

We apologise for the inconvenience and disruption this will cause.

The work, which started in March, included:

  • Providing seven new, modern shelters
  • Installing raised kerbs
  • Improving the pedestrian crossing
  • Widening the footpath
  • Re-organising the bus stops

The real time information displays at the bus stops will be fitted in August, when the Weymouth and Portland real time system is up and running, and rolled out throughout the borough.


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2 Responses to “Kings Statue finishing works”

  1. Martin Hill Says:

    Hope all of First’s elderly buses can be fitted with the necessary RTI equipment!

  2. Huntthehaunte Says:

    has anyone spotted the fail on some of the bus stops such as lyndale road where the screen is not viable for people in the shelter

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