Traffic Management this week

There will be various forms of traffic management in place this week to complete finishing works for the Weymouth Transport Package. Areas affected include: 

  • The Esplanade, to clean out drainage – two-way traffic lights in place on Tuesday 19 July, 9.30am to 4pm
  • Westham Crossroads, to complete work on vehicle detection equipment – local traffic management
  • Jubilee Close, to complete work on vehicle detection equipment – local traffic management
  • Abbotsbury Road, to complete signage – local traffic management
  • North Quay, to complete work on vehicle detection equipment – local traffic management
  • Work to complete top soiling on all junctions – local traffic management


2 Responses to “Traffic Management this week”

  1. Steve Pamment Says:

    I am amazed that you guys profess to be project managers but seem to be unable to understand the consequences of your actions. Today, Tuesday, Weymouth is yet again brought to a standstill – this time due to the drainage works taking place adjacent to The Clock, when buses and through traffic were fighting their way through the temporary lights. May I humbly suggest that it would be a good idea to stagger the works so that King Street is completed before carrying out the drainage works. These are presumably to help with the long-standing drainage problem after the previous disastrous works involving the King Street underpass, so could have been delayed outside the ‘Olympic completion’ window?
    In addition, I note that the Contractors working in these areas seem to have a number of vehicles where one may possibly suffice – this includes DCC – thus restricting the flow of traffic even more.

    I have lost count of the number of visitors that I have had to redirect to the correct temporary bus stops. I should imagine that they are leaving Weymouth with a sigh of relief, possibly never to return.

    Also, surely it would be better to divert Wareham traffic out and in via Dorchester so that the Chalbury Corner resurfacing could be done in less time. Then, we would only be contending with local traffic through the works and the buses might be able to provide their normal service.

    Is there a light glimmering at the end of the tunnel??

  2. Martin Hill Says:

    Quite agree with Steve Pamment. Having observed the roadworks over the past 18 months or so, it appears that nobody with any overall authority goes round the area on a regular basis (at least every hour) to check on the consequences. Had that happened, Weymouth could have been spared a lot of the misery suffered by residents and visitors alike. It just needed a project manager who could make immediate decisions and put traffic controllers in place at short notice. Overall means just that – from Preston to Dorchester to Chickerell to Portland!
    A good example at this moment is that the new variable traffic sign on the approach to Chalbury roundabout shows “Park and Ride opening Saturday” but none of the fixed roads signs at Chalbury points to the new Park and Ride site. Previous visitors to Weymouth may assume that the Park and Ride is still in its old site at Lodmoor and head down towards Overcombe.

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