Kings Crossroads switch on

Kings Crossroads phasing (large version)

Kings Crossroads will go live in the early hours of Wednesday morning, and marks the count down to the completion of the Weymouth Transport Package junction improvements.

The Esplanade junction will be live early next week and the Queen Street junction and Jubilee Retail Park junction will be switched on in the next two weeks. 

King Street will reopen to two-way traffic by Friday 22 July.

The project site offices on Swannery Car Park will start to be removed on Monday 25 July.


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10 Responses to “Kings Crossroads switch on”

  1. fanny adam Says:

    why have you denied access to the sea front from queen street?, left turn, which doesn’t cross opposing traffic. How are the taxis, and cars collecting passengers from the station, and weyline vehicles going to take customers towards sea front hotels , b&bs, and lodmoor hill, lodmoor park, greenhill, overcombe, and beyond. taxi customers are sick of having to pay vast fares, because of altered unnecessary routes, and being prevented going direct routes, they have always gone, thus causing more fossil fuels to be burnt, more carbon foot print, more wear and tear on the vehicles, and lastly more expense on an already over stretched income. can’t wait for the excuse for this question !!!!!!!!!.

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi fanny,

      Although the left hand turn wouldn’t cross traffic it would create an all red phase, stopping all traffic for pedestrians to move (something which previously caused frequent congestion).

      Banning the left turn out of, and left turn into, Queen Street keeps traffic flowing at all times:

      Phase 1: when traffic is moving on King Street, pedestrians can cross Queen Street
      Phase 2: when traffic is moving out of Queen Street, pedestrians can cross King Street

      The suggested route onto The Esplanade is Commercial Road – Westham Road. Taxis will also be able to use roads through the Park District via Ranelagh Road.

      • fanny adam Says:

        the park area isn’t a desirable route, as because of the one way system there it adds to the fare of the passengers, and the traffic humps in the road causes considerable damage to cars suspensions, even when taken at a crawl. Also it’s a very populated area of the town, and not at all suitable for a major continue route to Lodmoor, preston and beyond

  2. colin woodsford Says:

    I would like an explanation as to why you can no longer turn right when leaving Jubilee sidings shopping centre? There is no logic to this what so ever, why would you feed traffic to an already busy junction when some people would like to go along Radipole Park Drive. There have been some amazing faults in the 2012 transport package but this one just about tops them all.

  3. GARRY Says:

    I was hoping that when the Kings Junction lights were turned on it would improve the problem of getting onto swannery bridge from Abbotsbury Road but it has not. Again today I have had to wait at green traffic lights for 2 changes because the exit is blocked by traffic from Westway Road queued back over the traffic lights.

    Because the lights at Westham Crossroads change in a circular pattern very few cars can get across. Its a continueing problem.

    The Westwey Road lights change to green and they back up over the junction. The Abbotsbury Road change to green but you can only get a few cars across, if you are lucky, because the cars from Westwey Road are still blocking the exit. The exit clears whilst the Weymouth Way and Swannery Bridge traffic goes and then Westwey Road gets a green light and the whole process is repeated. Put a bus into the mix and its even worse.

    If the Westham Crossroads operated opposite to opposite instead of in a circle, at least the road onto Swannery Bridge would have a chance to clear for both lots of traffic.

    No doubt you will say that it will be better when it is all finished and when the “intelligent” traffic lights learn the patterns but you said that about the Boot Hill corridor and that is no better.

    With the schools breaking up at the end of next week, I and many others will avoid Weymouth like the plague. Lets hope that the town centre shops can survive without the trade.

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Garry,

      Kings Crossroads is currently running on a limited phasing/cycle and is currently ‘vehicle activated’ as opposed to being linked with any other junctions.

      This is the only way the junction can operate due to King Street being one-way.

      The junction also has less capacity at the moment due to the diversion route in place.

      Once King Street is reopened to two-way traffic Kings Crossroads will be more efficient – the full phasing will be activated and there will be less traffic turning right, as those wanting to cut through town and head east will be able to use King Street.

  4. Peter Harris Says:

    Is there a date for the switching on of the intelligence for the Transport Package?

  5. Paul R Says:

    The original plans (and the diagram above) show that to turn right from Radipole Park Drive over the bridge you can be in either lane. However the markings on the road show you must be in the right hand lane to turn right. Is this an error in the road markings, or has there been a change of plan?

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Paul R,

      It was originally designed for the two lanes to be able to turn right but that made a non-standard lane marking in the nearside lane of a left-ahead-right arrow.

      Because of the unusual nature of the marking it has been decided that we need to observe queue lengths once the junction has settled down, to determine if the double right turn lane is actually required.

      Therefore the decision was taken to not mark the right turn in the nearside lane and only add it at a later date, if required. The markings in the junction centre and the merge on the exit are all in place should this be considered necessary.

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