Kings junction night work

Kings Junction - artist impression (large version)The final night of surfacing work will be on Kings junction:

7pm Tuesday 5 July to 6am Wednesday 6 July

Thank you for your patience during the past month of night works and subsequent road closures.


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2 Responses to “Kings junction night work”

  1. Derek Tilsed Says:

    When are you going to get boot hill right to much let down Wyke road wich makes a big back log on Buxton rd the rest of the town is brilliant but BUXTON RD lets it down

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Derek Tilsed,

      We appreciate there have been some problems since the system was introduced, and we are working to address them.

      The Boot Hill corridor has not been running at its optimum. The SCOOT system has been introduced in the Boot Hill corridor, which is the element that links the junctions and allows them to react to traffic flows and learn traffic patterns/behaviour. Now this system is in operation the corridor should become more responsive, however, the full benefits won’t be seen until the traffic network has settled down.

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