Harbour Crossroads night work

Harbour Junction artists impression (large version)Remedial surfacing work will be carried out overnight on Harbour Crossroads:

7pm Monday 4 July to 6am Tuesday 5 July

During these times, the following roads will be closed except for access to properties:

  • Westwey Road
  • North Quay between Trinity Road and Harbour Crossroads
  • Newstead Road between Marsh Road and Harbour Crossroads
  • Rodwell Road between Rodwell Avenue and Harbour Crossroads

There will also be no access onto Rodwell Road from Wyke Road, Chickerell Road or Franchise Street.


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7 Responses to “Harbour Crossroads night work”

  1. Rachel Says:

    more remedial work? how much has this already cost us in time, lost business and wear & tear through diversions on roads not suitable?

    this is a joke and there should be a public enquiry into all this work as its seems only to benefit the contractors and their allies…..

    even the americans have figured out roundabouts are better for flow, safety and the environment!!!!!


    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Rachel,

      The remedial work is needed as some of the surfacing material can’t be relied on to last. This is due to the cold weather when it was laid.

      As previously stated, the old roundabouts in the town centre couldn’t cope with the volume of traffic and frequently caused congestion.

      The only way to have increased the capacity of the roundabouts would’ve been to increase their size, which wasn’t possible due to the amount of land needed – the roundabouts were closely surrounded by water and properties.

      Likewise, putting signals on the roundabouts would not have improved driving conditions due to the small size of the roundabouts.

      Linked traffic signals can handle a much larger capacity of traffic and will be able to control the shifting pattern of vehicle movements.

  2. Russ Parrett Says:


    I was stunned to cross Harbour bridge last night at 7pm to meet a bus doing a 7 point turn in front of the council offices as the road ahead was closed. No advance notices. I decided to head up through Hope Square and use Rodwell road. I was then met by the Rodwell Road closures. No advance notices. After a trip out towards Portland I eventually made it home. By this point angry traffic chaos was developing down Newstead Road. I believe that drivers came to blows. You really don’t know what you are doing. Please look for alternative employment.

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Russ,

      We have regular meetings with the bus companies and send them all traffic management information, we also have a standing agreement that buses are guided through the works area in order to minimise disruption to their services.

      As far as we are aware all appropriate signage was in position. We will pass your comment on to the traffic management company.

  3. colin woodsford Says:

    Just a quickie, could you please put signs on the road when approaching the lights from westway rd area, they should be saying portland in one lane , chick rd in the next lane as i am now sick and tired of blowing my horn when cars on my right cut across into my lane when they are in the queue for the lights that go to chick rd!!!!!!

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Colin,

      Thank you for your comment, we’ve passed it onto our engineers.

      As well as providing access into Chickerell Road, the second southbound lane on Boot Hill can be used as a ‘merge in turn’ lane.

      We’re continuing to monitor the new junctions and are taking all comments from residents into account as well.

  4. Connie Says:

    Good idea Colin.

    It may be a ‘merge in turn’ lane but once they realise they are in they in the wrong lane many drivers just swerve across to go up Boot Hill without looking or indicating.

    I assume this is mainly because they panic as the distance from the Asda junction to Chickerell Road junction is very short.

    I’ve only avoided being sideswiped myself on several occasions due to quick braking, the drivers themselves seem to have been oblivious to have nearly caused a collision. Luckily the drivers behind me had their wits about them and did not go into the back of me.

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