Road closure – King Street & Queen Street

The closure of Queen Street is being extended to midnight on Saturday 2 July.

King Street will also be closed between The Esplanade and Park Street from the early hours of Wednesday 29 June to midnight on Saturday 2 July.

Vehicles will be able cross King Street to and from Gloucester Mews and Crescent Street, with Crescent Street becoming two-way during the closure.

Drivers will be able to access the Esso Garage and Upway Street from the Kings junction end of King Street.

The train station should be accessed via Astrid Way and Queen Street.

Park Street will be unaffected by the closure and pedestrian access will be maintained along King Street at all times.

These closures are required to rebuild the unmarked manhole that was found in the junction of Queen Street and King Street last week.

The Wessex Water manhole has been inspected and plans of how best to repair it have now been drawn up. This work is essential to ensure that the manhole can take the volume of traffic expected and remove the risk of collapse.

For health and safety reasons King Street will need to be closed to complete this work.

King Street will return to one-way at the end of the closure.

Apologies for the inconvenience and disruption this will cause.

Read the press release.


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