Rumour – retail park exit

Jubilee Retail Park junction (large version)

Vehicles will still be able to turn right out of the Jubilee Retail Park onto Radipole Park Drive.

It appears that the construction of the pedestrian/traffic island on Jubilee Close has caused some people to believe that it will be left turn only.

As you can see from this design drawing, there will be a left turn filter lane and a separate lane for people wishing to turn right or go straight on into the Swannery Car Park.


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4 Responses to “Rumour – retail park exit”

  1. joan pinion Says:

    can someone explain why, given the availablilty of space and the fact that there are 3 directions to leave the roundabout exiting from Radipole Park Drive, the junction hasn’t been improved by creating 3 approach lanes? This was always a major problem before, as traffic is squeezed into what is little more than one large lane on the approach

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Joan,

      Three lanes aren’t required at the exit of Radipole Park Drive onto Kings Crossroads due to the phasing of the new lights.

      It also means that space has been provided for a lane to hold drivers wishing to turn right into the retail park, which would otherwise block the road, and has accommodated a pedestrian island, which will provide a safe crossing for the many people walking from the Swannery Car Park up King Street to the beach.

  2. pat Says:

    Will you please let us know WHEN the new PARK n’ RIDE is due to open?

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