Did you know?

The reason that trenches on the esplanade have been surfaced in black is because the borough council is planning to ‘slurry seal’ (surfacing material) the area.

This will cover over the black material that has been used for the transport package works.



3 Responses to “Did you know?”

  1. Stuart Morris Says:

    Normally, whoever excavates a surface should reinstate it to match the original, both on colour an materials. Just wondering why WPBC is involved.
    (The original dark red surface was partially paid for from Highways funds, as strictly the Prom os highway.)

  2. Steve Pamment Says:

    Interesting but I would have thought that it is an ideal time to resurface the esplanade rather than use the ‘slurry’, which has a tendency to deteriorate very quickly through cracking (if the last effort is anything to go by). Perhaps this would be more practical than fitting lasers?

  3. Doug Eyles Says:

    I understood from an earlier announcement that the esplanade (prom) was to be re-surfaced in early 2012. Does this ‘slurry’ constitute the re-surfacing. It sounds a cheap and nasty method, not a proper re-laying with ‘conservation’ material that the prom deserves and is being used in Kings St.

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