Conservation area

King Street paving (large version)

Working in partnership with the borough council, the historic area through King Street is being enhanced by the use of conservation materials.

Work to realign the pavements in King Street has given the opportunity to further improve the area, particularly at its eastern (esplanade) end.

  • White granite kerbing and Purbeck stone paving slabs are being laid between The Esplanade and Queen Street and between The Esplanade and Park Street.
  • Natural stone tactile paving – for the pedestrian crossing points – will be used in the eastern end area
  • Conservation kerbing and conservation paving slabs are being laid between Park Street and the disused tramlines
  • Conservation kerbing and pre-cast concrete paving is being used between Queen Street and the disused tramlines, this will tie in with existing paving around the train station forecourt area

The paving alongside King Edwards Fish & Chip shop is now complete and work has started on the opposite side of King Street, which will continue for the next few weeks.

Slabbing will also start in Queen Street this week, by the Somerset Hotel.

The area outside the train station has been delayed due to SSE work but will be complete in the next few days, as will the footpath section opposite the garage.

Unfortunately, SSE need to put in some ducting across the garage forecourt (where the footpath has already been completed) this will mean that some slabs will need to be lifted and re-laid.



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