Tuesday traffic management

On Tuesday 17 May there will be some traffic management in place after the morning peak traffic.

  • The Wyke Road junction will be switched off and controlled with stop/go boards while a signal controller pillar is replaced
  • The Rodwell Avenue junction will be switched off and controlled with stop/go boards while a signal controller pillar is replaced

Southern Electric works to replace electric supply housing equipment started in April, however, these two remained outstanding and were reprogrammed to be completed after the bank holiday period (the junctions will be worked on one at a time).

Also on Tuesday morning, vehicle detection equipment will be installed at the new Lanehouse junction under stop/go boards.

Once this work has been completed, there will be stop/go boards on The Esplanade for a short time while further vehicle detection loops are cut into the road for the new Jubilee Clock Junction.



4 Responses to “Tuesday traffic management”

  1. Mark Says:

    Will this work finally deliver the “smart” traffic systems we were promised?

    The promise was, that if you hit the first light on a green and travel at the speed limit, all lights along the route will also be green.

    This is clearly currently NOT happening, infact it couldn’t actually be any worse, it’s getting the timing totally wrong.

    I have to ask, is the “smart” aspect of these lights actually enabled at present?

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for your comments, we will pass them on to the traffic control team so they can investigate if there are any issues.

      The SCOOT system, which is the element that links the junctions and allows them to react to traffic flows and learn traffic patterns/behaviour, has only been active for around a month.

      Now this system is in operation the corridor should become more responsive over time, but the full benefits won’t be seen until all the junction works are complete.

      The phasing of the lights should allow strategic traffic to flow then the side road traffic to flow.

      Once all the works are complete and the junctions are working efficiently, it would be very unlikely a driver would meet every red phase. However, if you were driving through the whole corridor it would be equally unlikely you would hit every green due to the amount of time passed from the seafront to the top of Buxton Road.

  2. Doug Eyles Says:

    Why do two main routes out of Weymouth on the same day at the same times. More maximum holdups as there will be no alternative from the Buxton Rd. area without stop/go boards. Also why not instal traffic detection equipment at the same time as the main alterations and re-surfacing.
    Also note that every day, at whatever time of day there are holdups on Rodwell Rd/Boot Hill. You are running out of excuses.

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Doug,

      The sequence of construction events is that the road is surfaced after the scheme is complete and then the specialist workforce from Siemens is booked to install the detection equipment, which can only be cut into the carriageway after surfacing to ensure that it is at the right depth.

      As explained in this post, the SSE work on Boot Hill has been rescheduled which has unfortunately meant that the available dates from the company have clashed with the pre-booked work on Lanehouse Rock Road.

      The phasing of the Wyke Road junction means that northbound drivers from the Portland direction will have a quicker journey time using Portland Road and Wyke Road to get onto Boot Hill.

      This is why, as part of the Weymouth Transport Package, improvements have been made to the junction by All Saints Church.

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