Buxton Road

Following comments from drivers about the long delays on Buxton Road, please find below some information as to why this is:

  • It is only recently that the SCOOT system has been introduced in the Boot Hill corridor, which is the element that links the junctions and allows them to react to traffic flows and learn traffic patterns/behaviour.

Now this system is in operation the corridor should become more responsive, however, the full benefits won’t be seen until all the junction works are complete.

  • The phasing of the Wyke Road junction does mean that northbound drivers will have a quicker journey time using Portland Road and Wyke Road to get onto Boot Hill.

This is why, as part of the Weymouth Transport Package, improvements are being made to the junction by All Saints Church.

The phasing at the Wyke Road junction has allowed the controlled pedestrian crossings to be installed.

Also, because of the narrow road width, if northbound and southbound traffic were to run at the same time a single vehicle wishing to turn right would bring southbound traffic to a standstill.


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12 Responses to “Buxton Road”

  1. Terry Says:

    Does this mean that Wyke Road will be reclassified from an ‘unclassified’ road to an A road and Buxton Road downgraded to ‘unclassified’?

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Terry,

      Now that the relief road main carriageway is open several roads in the borough are being reclassified.

      Rodwell Road and Buxton Road remain as the strategic A354 as this is the primary route to Portland (traffic is signed along the relief road, Weymouth Way, Westwey Road and up Boot Hill).

      Wyke Road is being reclassified as the B3153, due to its role as an alternative route (much like Lanehouse Rocks Road is already classified as the B3156).

      Elsewhere, Preston Road, Preston Beach Road and King Street will be reclassified as the B3155 (with the Littlemoor Road improvements being classified as the A353 and taking all strategic traffic once finished).

  2. Doug Says:

    The re-numbering of roads is really irrelevent. For those who live at the Rodwell end of Wyke and go down Rodwell Rd and Boot Hill to escape from Weymouth are now being delayed on every trip, whatever time of day, including overnight and early morning. There are long phases at lights where nothing moves whereas with a roundabout, the intelligent brain would judge a gap and move into it. And if I’m unfortunate to forget something there is no turning back.

  3. Stuart Morris Says:

    It is not logical or fair to push north-bound A354 traffic away from Buxton Road onto either Lanehouse or Wyke Road. Neither route is up to the principal road standards. Buxton Road and Roadwell road were – and are – perfectly capable of carrying the traffic.
    The signals at Boot Hill/Wyke Road are much less efficient than the former mini roundabout, and no amount of tweeking Scoot will resolve that.

  4. GARRY Says:

    Your statement in the last paragraph that cars wishing to turn right into Wyke Road would bring southbound traffic to a standstill is a nonesense, as under the present system it is already brought to a standstill every minute or so for long periods by red lights to allow northbound traffic to flow.
    Anybody with a remote bit of commonsense can understand that if you only allow one lane of traffic past a given point at one time it in effect halves the capacity of that junction. The only solution is to allow traffic to flow both ways at the same time.
    To facilitate this you would have to either remove the crossing or move it further north, ban right turns into Wyke Road( Emergency services could be exempt) or reinstall the mini roundabout that worked perfectly well before.
    Also your arguements for banning left turns northband at Wyke Road and Chickerell Road do not make any sense to me or the vast majority of Weymouth residents. I fail to see how cars turning left can hold up the traffic or affect the crossings.
    Westham Crossroads is great, Harbour Junction could be with a few more tweaks but I beg you to admit that the Boothill corridor is a complete disaster and change it as soon as possible. If you don,t come the summer, Weymouth will be gridlocked.

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Garry,

      Southbound traffic has priority over northbound traffic at present, however as I am sure you are aware the whole transport package is not yet complete, therefore the signal parameters have been set to give more green time to northbound traffic to balance up congestion as best as possible until works at Lanehouse Rocks Road / Lynch Lane is complete. However the maximum green time to northbound traffic will be further restricted improving air quality and noise for Boot Hill as each part of the new improvements are commissioned. During southbound green, Wyke Road also receives green, therefore two approaches are green together.

      With regard to the second comment a right turn ban into Wyke Road was considered but this is also a bus route, although emergency services would be able to turn right in an emergency situation this is not applicable to a bus service. The point of the signals is to be able to control the network and when necessary generate a queue to gate traffic into an area of the network; a mini roundabout or normal roundabout does not allow this to happen.

      At Rodwell Road / Wyke Road, when northbound traffic has a green signal so do pedestrians across Wyke Road, this allows this crossing to be run without wasting green time the left turn ban is necessary for this reason. Running pedestrians without the left turn ban would require an all red pedestrian stage, resulting in traffic not moving. Moving the crossing further up Wyke Road would remove it from the desire line increasing the chance of pedestrians crossing in the junction where visibility is not acceptable.

      Chickerell Road, has a very similar stage sequence, when Boot Hill northbound is green so is the crossing on Chickerell Road, and when traffic is turning right into Chickerell Road the crossing across to the island is shown a green man and vehicles can turn left from Chickerell Road. This allows maximum efficiency to be gained from the junction.

  5. GARRY Says:

    Thank you for your reply

    With regard your statement that northbound traffic will be further restricted, this worries me greatly as at present it can take an hour to go through this route. Lynch Lane/Lanehouse Rocks junction will have little effect on Buxton Road.

    As for buses turning right into Wyke Road, they could also be except from a no right turn. This principle is already in practice at Hope Square.

    As for your comments about the pedestrian crossings, surely the occasional period of all red lights when someone uses the crossing is better than the permanent red one way at present.

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Garry,

      As part of the Weymouth Transport Package, some northbound traffic will naturally be re-routed along Wyke Road towards Boot Hill or down Lanehouse Rocks Road.

      Until the scheme is complete and the operation of the traffic signal junctions are linked together the full benefits of the Weymouth Transport Package will not be seen.

      The point of the signals is to be able to control the network. A bus waiting to turn right would stop all southbound traffic which is not acceptable, also, emergency services are professional drivers operating under emergency conditions, buses are not.

      It would not be appropriate to hold up all of the traffic for the pedestrians as it would not work with the co-ordination of the signals for this scheme.

  6. Sue Phillips Says:

    Dear Weymouth Transport Package,

    I note the comments from 1 MONTH AGO re: delays on Buxton Road. Having tried to get out of our home in The Maltings about 20 times over the weekend, the quickest was 12 minutes and 7 red lights to Asda. The slowest was 18 minutes and 12 red light to Asda. We resorted to going to B & Q via Buxton Road and The Granby. Each time, the queues for the Wyke Road lights were backed up to Buxton bridge.

    You told me 2 months ago that the situation would improve ‘over the next few weeks’.

    Please tell me when you are going to get it right because I am seriously upset about being ‘under siege’ in my own home!


    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Sue,

      The SCOOT system, which is the element that links the junctions and allows them to react to traffic flows and learn traffic patterns/behaviour, has only been active for around one month. Now this system is in operation, the signals along Rodwell Road should become more responsive over time, but the full benefits will not be seen until all the junction works are complete.

      There are currently issues with the rerouting of traffic over town bridge whilst King Street is one way, until King Street is opened to two-way traffic then blocking at the bottom of Boot Hill is likely to cause queuing on Rodwell Road through the Rodwell Avenue junction. The issue is managing the queues using SCOOT which can only be done once we have a more normal operation on the right turn at Harbour Crossroads after King Street is reopened.

  7. Terry Says:

    Excuses always excuses, why was this not planned for by those responsible for planning this exercise?
    Is this the first time in their professional life that they have done this sort of thing? If so perhaps they should have learnt more about the process before they embarked on the scheme.

  8. Sue Phillips Says:

    Dear Weymouth Transport Package,

    Thank you for your riduculous reply.

    I fail to see what bearing traffic diverted from King Street over Town Bridge and up Boot Hill has on the traffic going down Boot Hill which is backed up to Buxton Bridge and which will not let me out of Rodwell Avenue onto Rodwell Road to go down Boot Hill.

    Just tell me when the misery will end please!


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