Car park guidance

Examples of real time car park signs (large version)

Work is starting this week to install detection equipment at the entrance and exit of Weymouth car parks.

This will allow real time information to be displayed to tell drivers where the available parking spaces are.

Car park guidance signs will be located on:

  • Granby Way
  • Swannery Bridge
  • King Street
  • A354 Weymouth Relief Road
  • Commercial Road

These will be complemented with real time ‘flag’ signs at the relevant car parks: Swannery, Park Street, Melcombe Regis, Harbourside, the multi-storey and Cosens Quay.

There will also be five variable message signs in the borough which will be used to advise motorists of events and delays, and can also be used to display road safety information.

These will be on the A353 Preston Road, B3157 Chickerell Road, A354 relief road, A354 Weymouth Way and on the A354 on Boot Hill.


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2 Responses to “Car park guidance”

  1. Steve J Says:

    I’m curious to know how the signs will know how many available spaces there are in the car parks. I can understand how the multi-storey one will work, but how about the rest? Will barriers be installed, or will someone patrol and report back with the number of spare places?

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Steve J,

      Vehicle detection equipment has been installed at the entrances and exits to the car parks.

      There are 2 vehicle detection loops for each, and depending on the direction which a vehicle crosses them, they will count in or out.

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