Delays expected

Lanehouse junction with Lynch Road (large version)Serious traffic delays are anticipated in the Lanehouse area for the next two weeks.

Wessex Water will start work on Monday 11 April to carry out emergency repairs to a burst water main on Lanehouse Rocks Road.

This work will be carried out under manually controlled two-way lights and is expected to last two weeks.

In addition, work is still underway – controlled with three-way lights – to improve the Lanehouse junction with Lynch Road.

It is not possible to operate both work areas under one set of four-way temporary lights due to traffic coming from Benville Road.

Lanehouse junction works drawing (large version)A Dorset County Council spokesperson said:

“The junction works are very nearly complete, the construction work will be finished on Thursday 21 April and our temporary three-way lights will be removed.

“Pulling off our works while Wessex Water carries out its emergency repairs would push the scheme completion into June due to our tight resurfacing schedule.”

The junction will operate under a temporary layout – with Lynch Lane giving way to traffic on Lanehouse Rocks Road – until Siemens connects the new signals in early May.


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