Junction modifications

Harbour Crossroads new phasing (large version)

Work will be carried out on Wednesday 6 April to alter the phasing of Harbour Crossroads:

  • The right turn into North Quay will only be allowed when Westwey Road is at red
  • The junction will provide a longer time of all red to allow trapped cars to clear before the next approach is given green

These alterations are designed to take away doubt about the priority of traffic at the junction, which has been a cause for concern with a minority of drivers not adhering to the Highway Code.

These changes follow work to install extra road markings at the junction at the start of March and the fitting of additional detection equipment in the junction on Tuesday 29 March.

Read the press release.



11 Responses to “Junction modifications”

  1. Paul Says:

    I cannot believe, that because a minority of people cannot adhere to the highway code and find a fairly simple junction so hard to comprehend, we will all have to suffer sitting on a red light when it could of been possible to turn previously.

  2. David Says:

    This is a sensible alteration, but please don’t blame “a minority of drivers not adhering to the Highway Code”.

    • Stephen Jones Says:

      Seconded. I can’t believe that they are still trotting out the ‘highway code’ argument

      The statement in the original post might be valid if the junction was a straightforward crossroads with traffic approaching head-to-head. But here we have an offset junction*, where the priorities (and sightlines) for Boot Hill > North Quay are far from clear.

      *Boot Hill traffic entering the junction is offset by about 30 yds from Westwey to Boot Hill traffic. Meaning anyone attemptiong Boot Hill > North Quay approaches ‘oncoming traffic’ at greater than 90 degrees. So blindingly obvious!

  3. Alan Weir Says:

    Don’t mind work being done if the junction needs to be simplified but could you please look at the traffic control whilst the work is taking place. Today we queued for 40 minutes along Buxton Road and Boot Hill to get across Harbour Junction only to find there was hardly any traffic coming from any of the other directions. Doesn’t anyone monitor the traffic flows?

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Alan,

      Thanks for your comments.

      Because of the large disruption caused yesterday, next weeks work has been scheduled for 6.30pm onwards.

      The stop/go boards tried to give priority to Boot Hill and Westwey Road and public transport but, with the volume of traffic, it was very difficult to keep vehicles flowing.

  4. Geoff Ellis Says:

    I was stuck here for quite a while, having gone that way because of the extreme queue on Lanehouse Rocks Road.
    What made this extremly irritating is not being abel to avoid this snarl up by turning West into Wyke Road or Chickerell Road, eveybody was obliged to stay in the queue.
    This is another FAIL
    luv geoff

  5. Sue Phillips Says:

    I am a resident of The Maltings at the bottom of Rodwell Avenue. Unable to go through Hope Square, Rodwell Avenue is my only route to anywhere. Work, town, supermarket etc – normal everyday things!

    On Tuesday this week it took me 14 minutes and 7 red lights (4 at Rodwell Avenue/Road Junction) to get TO the Harbour Junction.

    This happens most of the time but I decided to time it this time and count the red lights.

    I have waited patiently for over a year to see an improvement in the traffic system that will allow me to get to work in the 7 minutes I was used to with the old system. I even defended you in the beginning.

    Now it is just a horrible experience getting into my car. I guess now my only option is to move house.

    Well done Weymouth ‘Transport’ Package.

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Sue,

      The Boot Hill corridor is not running at its optimum at the moment. The junctions have been operating on live traffic flow information and vehicle detectors buried in the road allow more green time to the busier approaches.

      Now that all the traffic signal controlled junctions on Boot Hill are operational, we are in a position to complete the installation of the system which links them together. As mentioned the junctions are currently not working to their optimum efficiency, but the system will work to make the signals more responsive to traffic flows over time – reducing the congestion along the Boot Hill corridor, and minimising the stop-start approaches to each junction.

      At the junctions, we will be able to monitor flows of traffic and alter the signals remotely ourselves if necessary to help keep traffic moving. However, the full benefits of the new intelligent transport system will not be demonstrated until the scheme is largely complete.

  6. Connie Says:

    There does seem to be a problem at the moment with the queue of cars waiting to turn right from Boot Hill into North Quay queueing back and blocking the cars travelling down Boot Hill wishing to travel straight across the lights at Harbour Junction or left towards Asda. The lights were green for straight across/left turn but the cars were unable to access the junction.

    Will the lights ‘learn’ and allow more time to clear this right turn queue?

    This was still a problem at 6.45pm this evening when you would expect Boot Hill to be reasonably clear of traffic.

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Connie,

      This was an issue that was identified when the decision was taken to alter the phasing of the signals to aid drivers when turning right into North Quay.

      We have only very recently installed the system which links the Boot Hill junctions together, and the system will now work to make the signals more responsive to traffic flows.

      This means that the right-tuners should be given enough green time to clear, possibly leaving one or two vehicles behind.

      However, due to the large volume of vehicles turning right, we anticipate that the situation you observed may remain an issue until King Street is returned to two-way traffic.

  7. Stephen Jones Says:

    I’ve seen a problem with Boot Hill > Westwey drivers waiting in the middle lane because they think the red light for the right-turn into North Quay applies to them. Understandable, because the red light is directly in front of them! There isa single green light for straight on and this is positioned way to the left.

    This appears to be a frequent problem, which may be causing the congestion referred to in the previous post.

    The solution is obvious to me. Answers on a postage stamp please!

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