Pedestrian diversion route

Swannery pedestrian diversion route (large version)

Work will be starting next week to build the new footpath around Swannery Car Park.

The green line in this drawing shows the pedestrian diversion route that will be in place.

Three gangs are assigned to work in this area to get the work done as quickly as possible so the busy footpath can be reopened. It is expected to take around five weeks.


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3 Responses to “Pedestrian diversion route”

  1. Steve Hairsine Says:

    Why have three gangs been assigned to get work done quickly on a busy footpath, when NO GANGS have been assigned for the LAST FOR WEEKS to complete the “new crossing” adjacent to Enzos on the Esplanade??? Or don’t you class this area as BUSY!!!

  2. Steve Hairsine Says:

    Apologies, that should have read FOUR WEEKS!!

  3. Keith E Forster Says:

    Crazy… lets hope it works because I for one can see major problems there! Good luck team

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