Traffic and parking management

Weymouth Bay (large version)To ensure a safe pedestrian environment – with the number of walkers expected to significantly increase – there are five proposed changes to the road network in the town centre.

Between 10am and 10pm – the busiest arrival and departure times for visitors – King Street and The Esplanade will become pedestrian areas, Trinity Road will become access only and the Town Bridge will be closed to private vehicles.

Buses and taxis will still be able to use Town Bridge, and discussions are ongoing with the bus companies as to where buses heading towards The Statue will terminate.

To ensure access is maintained to the town centre and ferry terminal, Custom House Quay will become two-way traffic all day during the Games.

Town Bridge will also have its lifting programme adjusted to allow for peak pedestrian movements, but there will be no change in the number of lifts.

Restricted parking zones are also being proposed in some residential areas to protect on street parking for local residents.



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