Junction alterations

Harbour Crossroads new road markings (large version)

Weather permitting, on Monday 7 March, new road markings will be laid at Harbour Crossroads.

After the morning commuter traffic, the junction will be controlled by four-way stop/go boards in order for the work to be carried out.

The markings should make it easier for right-turning drivers to position themselves in the junction.

Dorset Highways will be monitoring the effect the new markings have, and if necessary, will take further additional measures.

Read the press release.

Please note that the drawing may be subject to change as to ensure the new markings are visible from all directions, small adjustments may have to be made while setting them out on site.



15 Responses to “Junction alterations”

  1. David Says:

    Would a triangular “give-way” marking also be useful? Also turning right into North Quay from Boot Hill is a treacherous manoeuvre.

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi David,

      We’ve had to be careful with the amount of new markings being laid, so that it doesn’t create more confusion.

      Give-way markings are not deemed necessary as, under the Highway Code, any vehicle crossing the flow of traffic has to give way.

      • David Says:

        That is part of the problem – the “Flow of traffic” is not clear – which flow is crossing which!

  2. Stewart bell Says:

    The boot hill traffic lights are a nightmare. Traffic going into Weymouth is regularly backing up right to Buxton road as traffic is given priority to traffic leaving Weymouth to Portland. The traffic lights are quick to change causing tailbacks. How is this improving Traffic flow and reducing congestion

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Stewart,

      The Boot Hill corridor isn’t running at its optimum at the moment.

      At the moment the junctions are running on live traffic flow information and vehicle detectors buried in the road allow more green time to the busier approaches.

      Over the next few weeks the junctions will be linked and the lights will gradually become more efficient.

      At Rodwell Rd / Rodwell Ave the signals will cycle round quickly if no one can enter the junction due to congestion – this will improve when we start to link the adjacent junctions.

  3. Luke Says:

    Chaos on dissfunction junction. Nearly witnessed a motorcyclist knocked of his bike this evening, as a car did not give way to him turning from asda to go up boot hill. i think its going to take more than some extra white lines for people to understand how this junction works….if it works atall??

  4. John New Says:

    A few lines and arrows will not amend the basic design flaws of a road geometry that is wrong giving appalling sight lines, daft timings and silly vehicle paths.

    Just one example – I regularly turn right from Boot Hill to North Quay, I know which lane I have to give way to but even knowing that it is very easy to misjudge the speed of cars coming from Westwey Rd.

    Sorry DCC, this needs a rethink with most of it ripped-up and a new design put in and if that means you miss this year’s games target date while you put it right – tough. WE LIVE HERE ALL YEAR ROUND AND OUR SAFETY NEEDS SHOULD COME FIRST.

  5. Stephen Jones Says:

    I was hoping that these new road markings would do something to assist drivers with the layout of this junction. However, there is still a problem with right turners from Boot Hill > North Quay.

    Can you confirm that the extra paint is an interim measure? And when can we expect an permanent solution to be put in place?

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Stephen,

      The new markings are the first phase of the continuing assessment of this junction, and all the other new junctions.

      Any alterations have to be done carefully and monitored for their effect before further decisions are made.

      With regards to the right turn from Boot Hill to North Quay we are currently assessing whether this movement needs to be held back and only allowed to move once straight-on traffic from Westwey Road has stopped.

      This piece of work will take longer to design.

      The reason this right turn has become a conflict is that the traffic counts that the junction is designed from does not take into account the increased movements from Boot Hill onto North Quay while King Street is temporarily one-way – under ‘normal’ circumstances there will be far fewer drivers making this right-turn.

      We are keen to assess that making alterations based on these temporary traffic flows will not restrict the junction once all the road works are finished.

  6. Keith E Forster Says:

    Can someone tell me how these lights or any of the other lights that are going up around Weymouth are going to help things? What was wrong with the roundabouts that used to be used…… never heard any complaints about them before, and no near misses etc. Specially not to the scale that this set of lights is causing. There a death trap waiting to go off! At least put them to the same configuration as the first set of lights by Swannery Bridge!

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Keith,

      The old roundabouts in Weymouth town centre had reached their full capacity and were no longer coping with the volume of traffic the town experiences.

      The Weymouth Transport Package aims to help support the economic growth of the town, to make public transport more reliable in order to encourage more people to leave their cars at home, to improve pedestrian safety and to improve air quality on Boot Hill and in King Street.

      Unfortunately, it is not feasible to have Harbour Crossroads operating like Westham Crossroads because the number of vehicle turning movements at these junctions are different. If each approach operated separately at harbour it would produce long tailbacks.

  7. Richard Orme Says:

    Déjà vu? The issue seems to be the same as the old roundabout cycle lane. The attention of the average driver is focussed between 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock and traffic approaching from the side (3 o’clock or 9 o’clock) is effectively invisible. The flow through the lights has been aligned to provide smooth sweeping trajectories through the junction but this does not address the safety issue of visibility of crossing and merging paths. The positioning of traffic islands actually impairs what visibility there might be and additional markings (and temporary warning signs that actually obscure the view) will not fix this fundamental problem.
    The pedestrian crossing lights at the bottom of Boot Hill pose a similar visibility problem when turning right from ASDA. How long before this junction becomes 4 way lights? Personally, I should have spent the money on a pedestrian underpass under Boot Hill (on the level if possible) from ASDA to the Fire Station, removed the other crossings and retained the roundabout.

  8. Bob Bullin Says:

    How are motorists meant to access Chapelhay/Rodwell from Chickerell Road? I’ve seen 4 (yes 4!) cars trying to execute U-turns to go back up Boot Hill from the r/h lane of the down flow! Not only is this a significantly dangerous manoeuvre, it stops other traffic turning right into North Quay until there is a sufficient gap in oncoming traffic for the U-turn to be made.
    Of course it used to be simple – go round the island and back up the hill!

  9. Bob Bullin Says:

    As it’s now 6 weeks without a response to the previous question, I guess there is no answer to it?!

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Bob,

      Apologies for not replying sooner, your comment appeared to be more of a statement than a question.

      An option for local residents in this area is to use roads such as Faircross Avenue, Everest Road and Cross Road for access to Chapelhay/Rodwell from Wyke Road and Chickerell Road. These are all public highways and so are viable alternatives. We do expect some local traffic to use these roads but this should be less than before the scheme was in place.

      We appreciate that the changes may mean some additional mileage for a small amount of people, however the vast majority of people will experience improved journeys and everyone will have improved driving conditions.

      It is a question of balancing the restrictions against the benefits the scheme will bring to all other traffic.

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