Going live – Chickerell Road

Chickerell Road junction (large version)The new Chickerell Road signals will go live tomorrow.

This means that the Chickerell Road exit onto Boot Hill will also open up again to two-way traffic.



2 Responses to “Going live – Chickerell Road”

  1. Doug Eyles Says:

    Are these pedestrian lights only or do they regulate the flow of traffic in and out of Chickeral Rd.
    Similarly will the Wyke Rd light be pedestrian only.
    Seems a lot of potential hold ups. Note I live off Buxton Rd and have been trying to avoid the Road works for 8 months now. My recent encounters with Westham junction lights meant I was stopped at a red light at 8.30pm when there was no traffic around. Is this intelligent?

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Doug,

      The Wyke Road and Chickerell Road pedestrian crossings work as part of the junction control.

      At the moment Harbour and Westham junctions are operating on live traffic flow information and vehicle detectors buried in the road allow more green time to the busier approaches. However the junctions are not yet co-ordinated.

      When there is no traffic at a junction the signals will all rest on red. As a vehicle approaches, it will pass over the detection equipment and send a signal for the lights to start the count down to green.

      If a vehicle is travelling at the correct speed limit, the driver will only have to wait momentarily before the signal changes.

      Over the next few weeks the junctions will be linked and the lights will gradually become more efficient.

      Westham Crossroads won’t be fully efficient until Kings junction is completed.

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