Boot Hill and Harbour traffic management

Work will continue in the Boot Hill and Harbour Junction area over the weekend, with Harbour Junction closed 6pm Sunday 9 January to 6am Monday 10 January.

The diversion route will be along Granby Way – Chickerell Link Road – Chickerell Road – Lanehouse Rocks Road – Portland Road – Buxton Road – Rodwell Road.

On Monday 10 January, Boot Hill will revert back to the one-way system which was in place last year, with Hope Square also one-way for local traffic.

The cold weather has put this work behind programme and to get it completed as soon as possible workers need greater access to the area.

There will also be three-way temporary traffic lights at Harbour Junction. These measures will be put in place before the Monday morning peak traffic and will last 14 days – to Monday 24 January.

Read the press release.


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8 Responses to “Boot Hill and Harbour traffic management”

  1. Alan Weir Says:

    Glad to hear the Boot Hill / Harbour Junction works will be finished by the start of February, by my reckoning 2 months behind schedule. Apart from the cold weather, cold but not Siberian, I understand from an earlier communication from you that Southern Gas and Wessex Water were also responsible for the late completion of these works. Will we be hearing about penalties being imposed on these companies for their part in the delay in completing said works.

    Will the temporary traffic lights be better regulated than previously, when it was common to find a long queue one way and a much shorter one the other way. It was quite obvious that whoever regulated the lights was not taking the differing traffic flows into consideration. As we travel from Portland into Weymouth regularly we were often affected by these delays.

    Is there any plan to keep the one way system through Hope Square when the road works finish as it seemed to us that this worked quite well and in terms of the number 1 bus route provided better access to town than the existing route.

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Alan,

      The cold weather has been a large factor recently – as it has been below the minimum temperature at which concrete can be poured for kerbing etc and for the laying of tarmac.

      But, yes, there are other complex reasons why work has been delayed. There were some surprises underneath Harbour Roundabout which meant a lot of drainage and utility diversions had to be re-designed, and Southern Gas Networks did take longer than expected on Boot Hill.

      However, because of the extra work at Harbour it would have been hard for us to move on to Boot Hill earlier than we did.

      We appreciate that it is very frustrating for all road users when there are temporary traffic signals in place, so we will be monitoring the situation closely.

      We will be manually controlling the lights during the day to try and give priority to the heaviest flow, and they will be vehicle activated at night.

      It’s good to hear that the Portland bus route has not been too adversely affected by the works, it was hoped that giving access through Hope Square towards the town would help. Unfortunately, the one-way order for Hope Square is only temporary and there are no plans to seek a permanent amendment to the traffic flows.

  2. Rhi Says:


    I have a quick question. I live on the top of rodwell road and often need to travel down boot hill and turn off to chickerell road. Now I can only go off to chickerell road if I am coming up boot hill. How do I get to chickerell road now as I can not see any where to turn and come back up boot hill?


    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Rhi,

      To get onto Chickerell Road you can either use Abbotsbury Road by turning left at Harbour Crossroads or Westham Crossroads.

      Alternatively, you could use local roads Cross Road, Faircross Avenue and Everest Road.

      • Rhi Says:

        So basically you are telling me to get to a house behind asda on chickerel road I now have to drive approx 1.3 miles round Weymouth!?! Rather than just turning left from boot hill? Can I ask what does this actually achieve by not having left turns from boot hill to chickerell road and wyke road? All I can see is yet more cost in the ever increasing fuel, and alot of time wasting. Thanks

  3. Weymouth Transport Package Says:

    Hi Rhi,

    We appreciate that this will mean a longer journey for a number of people.

    It is a question of balancing the restrictions against the benefits the scheme will bring.

    Taking the left turns out of these junctions allows us to have a two stage cycle at the lights, which includes a controlled pedestrian crossing of both Wyke Road and Chickerell Road.

    If left turns remained, we would have to go to a three stage cycle at the lights (including an all red phase) which would bring traffic on Boot Hill to a standstill.

    So by taking out the left turns we have provided a safe pedestrian route while keeping vehicles moving.

  4. malcolm Says:

    At the recently introduced traffic lights by the current Weymouth Fire Station, there appears to be some confusion over which direction has priority when the green light shows.
    Could you please provide some sketches with indications of priorities at each sequence of the geen lighting sequence.

    • Rhi Says:

      How would keeping left turns down the road (which doesn’t hold up traffic) mean you would have to change the light system? Surely having right turns up the road causes more hold up?

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