Work left to do on Harbour Junction & Boot Hill

Harbour Junction artists impression (large version)In January work will restart on Harbour Junction and on Boot Hill.

The junctions were originally programmed to be completed by Christmas but the extreme cold weather prevented essential work such as concrete pouring and tarmac laying to take place.

The remaining work includes:

  • Building last traffic island at Harbour Junction
  • Installing and testing signals at Harbour Junction
  • Surfacing of Harbour Junction
  • Installing and testing new signals at Rodwell Avenue junction
  • Installing and testing new signals at Wyke Road junction
  • Finishing pedestrian island near Chickerell Road junction
  • Installing and testing new signals at Chickerell Road junction
  • Complete additional drainage and surfacing from Rodwell Avenue to Buxton Road
  • Surfacing Boot Hill, including entrance to Rodwell Avenue, Wyke Road and Chickerell Road

Due to the weather the site will shut down for the Christmas break from today, Monday 20 December. The site will reopen on Tuesday 4 January 2011.

The visitors centre will reopen on Thursday 6 January 2011.


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5 Responses to “Work left to do on Harbour Junction & Boot Hill”

  1. Selwyn Williams Says:

    Why are we losing at least 3 days of working before Christmas?
    The junction at the moment is a mess, especially regarding pedestrians, at the busiest time of the year and the traffic lights on Rodwell Road are causing congestion and rat running. What was the point of closing Wyke Road junction if it was to be kept closed for nothing over 2 weeks. Is it possible to open it at least eastbound over the holiday as that would ease the congestion on Boot Hill (and thence Westway Road) and through the Faircross/Ashton Rd rat run?

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Dear Selwyn Williams,
      Boot Hill reopened to two-way traffic on Thursday 9 December, but work continued on the junctions. This meant that Wyke Road needed to be closed at its junction with Boot Hill to ensure the safety of motorists and workers.

      It is planned that from this afternoon and over the Christmas period, Wyke Road will reopen to one-way traffic. Vehicles will be able to turn right into Wyke Road from Rodwell Road.

  2. Selwyn Williams Says:

    my earlier comment should have read ” at least westbound” into Wyke Road

  3. Selwyn Williams Says:

    Excellent news, it eased the congestion conflict caused by the southbound to Wyke motorists driving against the predominant northbound traffic through the ratrun immediately. The Harbour junction is beginning to take shape, shame about the weather delaying things in the last few weeks, lets hope it works as well as the Westham Crossroads, which is already impressive.

  4. George Says:

    Can we have some more pictures of the works on Flickr?

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