Night work continues

Harbour Junction artists impression (large version)

There will be no night work on North Quay tonight as the work was completed in one night yesterday.

Night work in the Harbour Junction area will continue next week so that the pedestrian island on Westwey Road, outside the job centre, can be built:

  • Monday 8 November, 8pm to 6am
  • Tuesday 9 November, 8pm to 6am

Three-way lights will be in place at Harbour Junction during these hours.

The nature of the works means that there will be some noise. Lighting for the work will be directed away from residential buildings.


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3 Responses to “Night work continues”

  1. TerryF Says:

    This picture shows 2 lanes of cars going into Westwey Road from the bridge, one lane on the left hand side presumably going along towards ASDA , the other lane on the left has a sign showing that cars intending to turn right should keep in the right hand lane but where is it intended that they should turn into since the main (and safest) entrance to the block of flats is from Corscome close off Abbotsbury road?

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Terry,

      I think there has been some confusion, the image on this post is of Harbour Junction so does not show Abbotsbury Road or Corscombe Close.

      At Westham Junction, from Swannery Bridge, there is one lane into Westwey Road, two lanes for straight over traffic (into Abbotsbury Road) and two lanes for right turning traffic (onto Weymouth Way).

  2. TerryF Says:

    Sorry, I was confused, I had decided in my mind that this was a picture of Westham roundabout. Old age galloping on (:o))

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