A look ahead


This week work started on improving the access into Asda.

A slip lane into the car park is being installed so that traffic into Asda and traffic onto Newstead Road will be separated, helping the flow of traffic.

Work in the Harbour Junction area is also continuing on the road islands, footpaths and drainage.

Junction work at Wyke Road and Chickerell Road is also progressing well.

November 2010

  • Start of work to construct pedestrian island near Chickerell Road
  • Continuing work on Wyke Junction
  • Harbour Junction works including working on the Asda entrance slip lane
  • Work on Westham Junction to install signals boxes and signal heads
  • Night closures throughout month to complete various stages of  surfacing works

December 2010

  • Boot Hill open to two-way traffic
  • Finishing work on Boot Hill junctions
  • Installation of signal boxes and signal heads at Harbour Junction

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2 Responses to “A look ahead”

  1. D.J. Litster Says:

    I have looked at the new road layout in detail and would like you to tell me how I can access Chickerell Road if I was coming down boot hill? The new system will not allow a left turn into Chickerell Road, and the new layout at North Quay does not have any way to return up Boot hill to access the Chickerell Road turning.
    I an in Lansdowne Square and rent a garage from the council at the top of Glen Avenue, a distance of 200 metres walk from my house. Due to the bollards in Gypsy lane I have to go down Wyke Road, Boot hill then left into Chickerell Road. Then Prince of Wales Road into Glen Avenue to get to the Garage. I cannot use Faircross Avenue due to the speed bumps which do not comply with the department of transports rules on height and have damaged my car exhaust system going that way.
    Please can you inform me of the best route once the left turn into Chickerell Road from Boot hill is not possible and how to get from my house to Glen Avenue to put the car in the garage.
    I look forward to your reply. Please can you also include in the route I should take , the distance I will travel using that route . Also if a vehicle came out of Chickerell Road how would it access Boot Hill to travel towards Wyke Regis and Portland? Thank you.

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi D.J. Litster,

      During the scheme design a decision was taken to not allow left turns into Wyke Road and Chickerell Road to help meet the overall scheme objective to ease the impact of congestion along King Street and Boot Hill.

      Few vehicles currently turn left from Rodwell Road into Wyke Road and/or Chickerell Road, and so it was a balancing act of local needs and the wider need of Weymouth and Portland.

      As part of the scheme we are providing more pedestrian facilities to create a safer environment for walkers. The pedestrian crossings are linked with the traffic signals, which means that while pedestrians are crossing traffic will still be moving in other directions. By not allowing the left turn from Rodwell Road this means that vehicle flow can continue in other directions while pedestrians cross which assists in reducing congestion.

      The suggested route for the journey between Wyke Road and Chickerell Road would be Faircross Avenue and Everest Road. If this route is not suitable for your vehicle there are a number of other routes that could be undertaken, but would require a longer detour.

      We appreciate that this may mean some additional mileage for a small amount of people, however the vast majority of people will experience improved journeys and everyone will have improved driving conditions.

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