Boot Hill and Wyke Road

Boot Hill mini-roundabout (large version)An emergency road order came into effect yesterday to allow drivers to turn right into Wyke Road from Boot Hill.

The team recognised that the right turn needed to be reinstated to ease congestion in the area, including the knock-on it is having on rat-runs in the area.

Junction improvement work is ongoing in the Wyke Road area and should be largely finished in early October.

Chickerell Road junction works will then start in early October and continue into the middle of the month.

Work to construct the pedestrian island on Boot Hill near Chickerell Road will take place in the middle of November.

The Rodwell Avenue junction improvements will start in mid October and be completed by the beginning of December.

The target is for Boot Hill to be back to two-way traffic in early December.

Work to build the Harbour Junction will continue through October and November.


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4 Responses to “Boot Hill and Wyke Road”

  1. D.J. Litster Says:

    Please can you tell me why the juntion of Wyke Road and Boot hill is again shut with thekerb stones and road surface done. This closure has caused the residents of the lower part of Wyke Road , Portway Close etc. long detours to travel to and from work. Endless time wasted in traffic jams and and traffic light. Not to mention the extra cost in fuel which is still rising. Give the residents of this area some relief for Christmas and get that junction open both ways. This work has been causing every resident in Weymouth and Portland delays and endless time wasted.

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi D. J. Litster,
      Boot Hill reopened to two-way traffic on Thursday 9 December, but work continued on the junctions. This meant that Wyke Road needed to be closed at its junction with Boot Hill to ensure the safety of motorists and workers.

      From this afternoon and over the Christmas period, Wyke Road will reopen to one-way traffic. Vehicles will be able to turn right into Wyke Road from Rodwell Road.

  2. David Carter Says:

    Can you tell me why, with intelligent traffic lights, that I can sit at the junction on a red light when there is no traffic waiting or crossing from other directions? Why does the traffic lights not sense that there is only one car waiting and let it go? Or are the traffic lights not as intelligent as we thought and still have timed sequences regardless of traffic?

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi David,

      When there is no traffic at a junction the signals will all rest on red. As a vehicle approaches, it will pass over the detection equipment and send a signal for the lights to start the count down to green.

      If a vehicle is travelling at the correct speed limit, the driver will only have to wait momentarily before the signal changes.

      Over the next few weeks the junctions will be linked and the lights will gradually become more efficient.

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