Ferry Bridge underway

Ferry Bridge drying (large version)

The maximum number of operatives, that working practices will allow, are being deployed to Ferry Bridge.

The road surface of one half has now been removed, exposing the old waterproofing membrane, and work has started to remove this rubberised coating by using hand operated scabblers (a bit like a rotavator) and hand scrapers.

Only two of these machines can be used at the same time due to the surface area being worked on.

Teams are being deployed to work seven days a week, between 7.45am to 1.30am. This is also the working pattern on Swannery Bridge.

The programme is as follows, weather depending:


  • Remove remainder of waterproof membrane (a thermal lance is being used to dry the surface due to heavy overnight rain)


  • Apply new waterproof membrane (this is very weather dependent)


  • Put back kerbs


  • Maintenance works to existing ducts within the bridge structure


  • Maintenance to expansion joints within the bridge structure


  • Surfacing machine to lay 160 tonnes of material to reinstate road surface
  • Open lane to traffic
  • Carriageway planer arrives at 5pm to remove northbound section to repeat process

Some people have expressed concern that at times there appears to be nobody on site. Workers take a 15 minute morning break between 9.30am and 10.30am and a 30 minute lunch break between midday and 2pm.

Later in the afternoon they may be away from site preparing machinery and plant for the night shift.



5 Responses to “Ferry Bridge underway”

  1. kathy Says:

    whats the excuse for the total chaos caused tonight

  2. Christine Boyles Says:

    Why are you making peoples’ lives to miserable with all these roadworks at once. You are showing total disregard for the public you serve. All you are thinking about is the supposed prestige of the Olympics. Well I hope and pray there is a burst water main or such like in Aug 2012 along Portland Road.

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Christine,

      Weymouth has a lot of road works at the moment as all highway work that will affect the Olympic Route Network (ORN) has to be finished by July 2011, 12 months before the Games, as instructed by the Olympic Delivery Authority.

      In Weymouth the work is particularly noticeable as utility companies, as well as the county council, are getting essential woks done not only on this corridor but also on the main side roads used by local residents, as these will see an increase of traffic during Games time.

      Weymouth and Portland is seeing unprecedented investment in its transport infrastructure, roughly 20 years of investment in one year.

  3. A Frampton Says:

    Just to let you know the knock on effect your traffic works are having on an average family. Our childeren have stopped going to their after school clubs as sitting in non moving lines of traffic means we miss most of the sessions. Shopping, is easy, go to Dorchester less traffic and cheaper car parks. Don’t need to visit Weymouth any more. You boast about unprecedented investment in the transport infrastructure, 20 years worth. Well shame on you for letting our town roads get so bad dur to lack of any sort of investment for 20 years. Will this mean after the Olympics we will see no further maintainance or transport invetsment for another 20 years? And to top the cake re investment, go and take a look at the running track at the Marsh….Investment for our youth seems to be the in thing as long as you can affort to sail.

  4. Flo Says:

    I’d like to follow up A Frampton’s email… we have been pretty much restricted to the island since Ferry Bridge works began, missing out on groups and clubs, arranged outings, important healthcare appointments, family visits, and the like. The journey over to Weymouth is just too long and too stressful… especially with two bored and frustrated young children in the back of the car! On the times that we have been forced to make the journey, we have seen people taking risks and jumping red lights through sheer frustration. Once we make it over to Weymouth, there is then the task of actually figuring out how to get to the desired destination as so many of the roads are closed! This is all far too much to do at once!!

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