New levels

Retaining wall progress (large version)

Work at Harbour Junction has been slower than at Westham due to the amount of utilities under the road, which has made the work difficult.

The two main areas being worked on are the North Quay realignment, including moving the bus stop and altering the access to the borough council staff car park, and the pavement realignment near the job centre.

Work is also progressing well on the retaining wall by the Asda car park.

People will notice this week that the kerb line between Newstead Road and Westwey Road is being re-laid.

The drainage for the area had to be redesigned because of utilities obstructing its intended depth. This means that the newly laid kerbs have to be re-laid to the new levels. However, it has allowed the team to amend the design for a better kerb alignment.

This doesn’t affect the programme of work and the junction remains on schedule to open by the end of the year.



4 Responses to “New levels”

  1. S. Williams Says:

    I do not understand why the right turn from Boot Hill into Wyke Road is banned while the turn out of Wyke Road onto Rodwell Road south to Rodwell Avenue is permitted. There is very little traffic turning right out of Wyke Road hence why the turn is to be banned once the traffic signals are installed.
    By banning the right turn into Wyke Road going up Boot Hill, it increases the traffic southbound going up the Everest Road rat run causing unnecessary confrontation with the predominant northbound flow down Everest Road itself caused by the closure of Boot Hill to northbound traffic.

    Now there is single lane traffic south of Rodwell Avenue on Rodwell Road the traffic tails back down the hill to the North Quay roundabout, this would be ameliorated by allowing the right turn into Wyke Road and thus allowing traffic to filter right with those going to the Rodwell Sandsfoot area turning left down Crossroad and left again to there while Portland traffic would travel down to All Saints Church corner and turn left for Portland.

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi S.Williams,

      In July 2010 the closure of Wyke Road to westbound traffic was put in place for Southern Gas Networks.

      We appreciate that SGN haven’t always been in the area to complete those works, however, the closure is still needed as we are now moving into the Wyke Road area for the transport package works.

      The temporary traffic management order runs out on Monday 25 October, a shorter time than it would take to amend the order to reverse the flow of the closure.

      From Monday 25 October, after the Wyke Road junction works are finished, the permanent traffic order will be in place:

      • No left turn from Rodwell Road into Wyke Road
      • No right turn from Wyke Road onto Rodwell Road

      This will mean that, from this date, vehicles will be able to turn right into Wyke Road from Boot Hill.

      Traffic will not be able to exit Wyke Road onto Rodwell Road until Boot Hill is opened up to two-way traffic in December.

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi S.Williams,

      Following conversations with our colleagues in highways management, an emergency traffic order has been approved to allow drivers to turn right into Wyke Road from Boot Hill.

      The team has recognised that the right turn needs to be reinstated to ease congestion in the area, including the knock-on it is having on rat-runs in the area.

      The order is being processed and will come into effect sometime this week, we’ll keep you updated.

  2. f doyle Says:

    It will be interesting to see if allowing drivers to turn right into wyke rd will stop the complete nightmare on everest rd.

    However I think you need to make it common knowledge!as a resident of everest rd i wasnt aware and judging by the sheer volume of traffic again tonight,it would appear that others werent either!!
    Thank you so much for putting the cones along everestrd perhaps now I will feel safer when walking my children to school

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