Diversion for water works

Roadworks icon (large version)Wessex Water will be replacing a water main on Abbotsbury Road, starting on Monday 6 September and scheduled to last sixteen weeks.

Dorset County Council has approved a temporary traffic order to make Abbotsbury Road one-way between Cromwell Road and Westham Roundabout so that the works can be carried out safely.

Drivers travelling eastbound towards the town centre will be unaffected.

People wishing to travel westbound towards Chickerell will be diverted onto Weymouth Way to Chafey’s Roundabout then onto Granby Way, up Radipole Lane and onto Chickerell Road.

Dorset County Council Road Space Manager Kevin Cheleda said:

“We are facing a challenging time in Weymouth and Portland at the moment. All work within the highway that will affect the Olympic Route Network (ORN) has to be finished by July 2011, 12 months before the Games, as instructed by the Olympic Delivery Authority.

“We are trying to programme all the utility company’s works, as well as the county council’s, so that all essential maintenance is finished in good time on the ORN and main side roads used by local residents.”


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5 Responses to “Diversion for water works”

  1. Duckorange Says:

    Dear Mr Transport Package

    You’re doing this as a dare, aren’t you? It’s all a huge social experiment called “How many roads can we dig up in Weymouth at the same time before people are reduced to foraging in hedgerows because the Waitrose van can’t get through,” isn’t it?

    Go on – admit it: You’ve got men in white coats from the country’s foremost higher educational establishments making notes on clipboards every time they see a driver, trapped in a jam, rocking back and forth like the bears you see on adverts for animal charities they put on during Countdown, the people of Weymouth and Dorset trapped like so many mice in some cruel psychological experiment to see how much a community can take before we all go Lord of the Flies.

    If this is the case, I dare you to reduce Preston Beach Road to a single lane with Stop/Go boards for six months pending the construction of a 300-foot statue of Cheryl Cole. I double-dog-dare you with no returns, in fact.

    I am not mad.

    Your pal,


    [Serious point: It *is* getting a bit much, isn’t it? Hope the comment gives you a laugh]

  2. Ian Says:

    Seems to me that if there had been a half decent plan, this would, indeed should, have been done 12 months ago!

  3. Ian Farmer Says:

    You say “Drivers travelling eastbound towards the town centre will be unaffected.” but in reality the signs at the junction of Abbotsbury and Newstead Roads, state that the section of Abbotsbury road, from that junction towards Weymouth town centre is now “ROAD CLOSED” and “ACCESS TO RESIDENTS ONLY”

    Either the signs are correct or the temporary traffic order is, can you please tell me which?

    Those signs have a massive affect on traffic in to town!

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Ian,

      We are aware that the signs placed out are inaccurate.

      The county council is not responsible for this. Wessex Water has contracted a traffic management company to undertake the signing for their works on Abbotsbury Road.

      The transport package traffic safety and control officer audited the Wessex Water site this morning and highlighted the inaccuracy of the signing to them. We believe Wessex Water have instructed their traffic management company to rectify these mistakes as soon as possible.

      These signs and works are under the control of Wessex Water, should you wish to contact them the number is 0845 600 4 600.

  4. Stuart Morris Says:

    “The county council is not responsible for this” is not correct. The Highway Authority has full responsiblity to ensure that all ulitilties’ signs and roadworks strictly conform to the regulations.
    DCC should firmly enfoce this, and take summary action in default.

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