Westham retaining wall

Westham retaining wall (large version)

Work to construct the second retaining wall at the Westham Junction started this week. The retaining wall is on the corner of Swannery Bridge and Westwey Road. This wall will allow the road to be widened at the junction to Swannery Bridge.

A temporary walkway has been provided alongside The Swannery lake for the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.

Drainage works are also taking place alongside the retaining wall. An oil interceptor is currently being installed which catches the water from the junction and stops oil going into the lake.

The project team is concerned that there are still several instances of pedestrians wandering across the roundabout in amongst the cones.

This is a busy works area with exposed trenches, and pedestrians – for their own safety – should use the subways to cross under the road.


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