Portland Beach Road cycleway improvements

Cyclist (large version)

The Portland Beach Road scheme consists of upgrading the existing shared-use footway/cycleway route from the Rodwell Trail at Ferrybridge to the Chesil Beach Visitors Centre. The scheme includes the provision of a toucan crossing at the end of the Rodwell Trail across Portland Beach Road.

We’d like to hear your comments on the scheme and welcome your thoughts throughout August 2010. All comments will be considered and, where possible, worked into the design. Construction is programmed to begin in spring 2011.

There is a comments sheet available on the scheme webpage which can be completed and sent to the contact details at the bottom of that page.

It is proposed that construction of the walking and cycling link along Portland Beach Road will occur in two phases;

  • Phase 1 will provide a route on the western side of Portland Road as far as the Chesil Beach car park
  • Phase 2, continuing to Portland, will be delivered at a later stage when funding is available


8 Responses to “Portland Beach Road cycleway improvements”

  1. Stuart Morris Says:

    It is surely premature to consider a Toucan crossing here. Very few cyclists currently use the existing shared cycleway along Portland Beach Road. It is a big leap to assume many more will use it even with the Newstead Bridge link on the Rodwell Trail.
    It is doubtful whether a Toucan itself would have more than a minimal influence on the number of Weymouth-Portland cycling trips.
    I suggest waiting to see whether cycling numbers justify the annual maintenance costs of a Toucan, and yet another interruption to vehicular traffic on the A354.
    A grossly under-used crossing can be a dangerous crossing.
    However pedestrians do cross south of Ferryman’s Way, and some form of controlled crossing may be justified if counts meet the criteria.
    Incidentally is the Rodwell Trail now publicly maintainable highway?

  2. David Boyd Says:

    Excellent news! But phase 2 must be a priority before 2012

  3. Matt Walkden Says:

    You are thinking about working on the wrong bit, you should be improving the section between Chesil Centre and the Sailing Academy then the Sailing academy to Chiswell.

    The bit between Wyke and Chesil Centre is already the safest part where 2 or 3 bikes can pass easily.

    Don’t waste money there!

  4. John D Says:

    Agree completely with David Boyd.

    Apart from attempting to cross the road, the narrow section between the visitor centre and Portland is the dangerous bit, yet that is to be ‘phase 2’

    With the Government funding cuts under way, who can say when money for phase 2 will be available? Therefore, would it not be better to use the available funds to reduce the hazard.

    Any why on earth are the railings on the bridge being raised to 2.4 metres? Is it to be a development sympathetic to Portland’s prison heritage?

  5. Joy Cunningham Says:

    I’m pleased that there is a 3.5 metre wide track. The area around The Ferrybridge pub is prone to sudden squalls. I was blown onto the road on one occasion. However local commuters will not benefit from stage 1 and stage 2 needs to be completed asap, not in 2 years time

  6. Martin Earwicker Says:

    I fully support the Toucan crossing at Ferrybridge for cyclists. I also welcome the other improvements. However, the greatest need after the Toucan crossing is to improve the width of the cycle path from the Chesil Cengtre to Fortuneswell . This path is dangerously narrow especially in windy conditions, and/or at night. In the latter case you cycle towards Portland with cars dipped headlights pointing directly in your eyes. It would also help to have cycle lanes on the road itself, which is certainly wide enough, and to reduce the speed limit to 50 mph all along the road. It is probably safer to cycle on the road towards Portland at night or when it is windy.

    Please do something more for cyclists on Portland.
    thank you

    Martin Earwicker

  7. Weymouth Transport Package Says:

    Thank you to everyone who has commented on this post.

    We will be taking all of the comments on here into consideration as part of our consultation.

    If you would like to discuss the Portland Beach Road scheme please contact the project officer on 01305 228257.

  8. malcolm howell Says:

    Toucan is important to allow safe crossing, in heavy traffic. High rail on bridge not so important. A safe 3m wide route away from road edge, from Chesil Centre to sailing Academy, and onward to Portlandis very important.

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