North Quay

Harbour junction/North Quay Traffic Management (large version)

On Monday 16 August, work will start to realign the footpath on North Quay outside the borough council offices.

To keep traffic flowing during this work, the parking bays on North Quay next to the harbour will be removed.

Two bays at the town end of this parking area will be kept for loading.

Pedestrians will be asked to cross at the pedestrian crossing near the taxi rank.

Buses will still operate on North Quay from a temporary stop at the taxi lay-by near to the Chapelhay steps.

This work is scheduled to last until Monday 20 September, when the parking bays will be temporarily reinstated. However the bays will be permanently removed later this year when work starts to put in a short section of bus lane and the pedestrian island on North Quay.

At the moment there are 20 parking bays and two loading bays on North Quay, these will be replaced with four loading bays for harbour users.


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3 Responses to “North Quay”

  1. BenM Says:

    I must confess to being a bit puzzled as to why we need a bus lane on North Quay.
    Having used the bus service in Weymouth extensively over the last 18 years I have not noticed North Quay presenting any problems in itself – any delay I have experienced has been due to traffic build up on Boot Hill and, consequently, the Asda Roundabout rather than on North Quay itself.

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi BenM

      The bus lane on North Quay is being implemented to manage traffic conditions once Harbour Junction is complete. The bus lane ensures that buses can pull into the bus lay-by without having to queue when the lights are red at the new junction. The bus lay-by on North Quay ensures that buses have priority through Harbour Junction to help provide more reliable public transport services.

  2. Polly53 Says:

    I’m disabled, but I’m also on a low income, I rely upon the spaces by north quay to be able to park for free when I go to Church for choir practice and services on sundays. by removing these parking bays it leaves me no where to park, I can’t afford the car park fees. I’m already marginalised by being disabled, a Christian and poor, now its being made worse. so many disabled parking bays have been made fee payable and lot have disappeared altogether, is the council trying to make our life harder than it already is?

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