Changes to Wyke Road access

Wyke Road Junction (large version)

From Wednesday 21 July, drivers will not be able to turn right into Wyke Road from Boot Hill.

Vehicles will still be able to exit Wyke Road onto Boot Hill.

Southern Gas Networks are replacing a gas main in the area and the transport package junction works will follow on from the gas work.

This means that the junction will not reopen to two-way traffic until the junction work is finished in September.

When the junction reopens the following changes will be in place:

  • No left turn from Boot Hill into Wyke Road
  • No right turn from Wyke Road onto Boot Hill

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5 Responses to “Changes to Wyke Road access”

  1. Duckorange Says:

    Can you explain the logic behind the proposed No Left Turns at Wyke Road and Chickerell Road once the work is finished? Seems enormously counter-intuitive.

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Duckorange,

      Taking the left turns out of these junctions allows us to have a two stage cycle at the lights, which includes a controlled pedestrian crossing of both Wyke Road and Chickerell Road. If left turns remained, we would have to go to a three stage cycle at the lights, reducing capacity on Boot Hill.

      Currently very few people make these left turns, and keeping them would reduce the effectiveness of scheme for little benefit.

      We recognise that these people will experience the changes as a disadvantage.

      It is a question of balancing the restrictions against the benefits the scheme will bring to all other traffic.

  2. Duckorange Says:

    My next question is a “Yeah, but…”

    Why have a pedestrian cycle on the lights when there has never been one there before? It’s actually going to make traffic flow worse.

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Duckorange,

      At the moment there is no safe pedestrian crossing points across Wyke Road or Chickerell Road at the Boot Hill end of them, yet this is a very popular walking route into to town, to nearby shops and to the local school.

      Traffic flow will not be worse as, unlike the current lights in King Street, when pedestrians are crossing there is still traffic moving ie. there is no all red phase of the lights.

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