Harbour Junction works

Harbour Junction works near the job centre (large version)

Work started this week to put in the ducting under the footpaths around the new Harbour Junction.

The diversion of high voltage electricity cables and communication cables, around where the new traffic islands are, are due to be finished by the end of the week.

Work has also started to widen the footpath near to the job centre and outside the fire station.


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2 Responses to “Harbour Junction works”

  1. S. Williams Says:

    Westham RA is being kerbed yet Harbour RA still has had ducting trenches open for weeks and no kerbing being done at all which means there is still no centre lane outside Asda causing unnecessary congestion. Also the banned rt turn from Boot Hill into Wyke Rd has pushed more southbound traffic through the Ashton/Everest Rds/Faircross Ave rat run against the predominant northbound flow itself caused by the closure of Boot Hill to Northbound traffic. You need to get Boot Hill open to two way asap to alleviate this. (there seems to be little reason why it is not possible if you can swap lanes so easily) My car was hit today, a neighbour’s has been hit 3 times, and there have been drivers confronting eachother and vehicles are being driven on the pavements to get past eachother and sooner or later some child is going to get killed walking out of their house. Why is Gypsy Lane still closed to through traffic? If it’s not safe to open that up it’s certainly not safe for the volumes of traffic through the Faircross complex which is not even designated as a diversion for very good reasons.

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi S. Williams

      Work on the two junctions are programmed differently. Harbour junction is a longer construction programme to Westham junction due to service diversions, existing services and other construction elements that are required. Kerbing on the Harbour junction should be starting within the next week.

      The Weymouth Transport Package team continually monitors the network and we have 24/7 traffic management response teams on site.

      We have been made aware of the concerns of the increased traffic on unsuitable routes, in particular Faircross Avenue/Everest Road, and we have instructed our engineers to investigate. They will be monitoring the area to see what more can be done to try and improve the situation.

      Please be assured that we are doing all we can to try and improve the situation. The current one way restriction on Boot Hill is in place for Southern Gas Networks who are replacing the gas main that serves the residents of the area, we are working closely with representatives from SGN to ensure that they complete their works as quickly as possible.

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