Myth buster

Myth: It’s just for two weeks in summer 2012

The Weymouth Transport Package is a series of permanent measures to improve the towns biggest transport issues ahead of the 2012 Games.

Without this investment the road network would deteriorate, and Weymouth as a destination for tourism and employment would decay.

Weymouth town centre has suffered from congestion, a lack of safe pedestrian routes and extremely poor air quality for many years.

These can all be improved by redesigning Weymouth town centre’s busiest route; King Street and Boot Hill, an area that most residents agree is heavily congested.

Weymouth and Portland has a good bus service but it is unreliable due to heavy traffic in the town.

  • On a summer’s day, around 20,000 vehicles a day use King Street, as well as approximately 4,500 pedestrians
  • Boot Hill is the main route to Portland and is used by an average of 30,000 vehicles a day. It also has the worst air quality in the borough

Boot Hill air quality has become unacceptable. Without the transport package works, the borough council and county council would have a duty of care to put in place an action plan to reduce traffic pollution. That could mean, worse case, shutting Boot Hill at peak times of the day to reduce air pollution.

Air quality in King Street is also rapidly deteriorating.



6 Responses to “Myth buster”

  1. anon Says:

    When will we see a Wyke Regis bypass from the end of Hampshire Road to FerryBridge, that would really reduce pollution in town?

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:


      It is very unlikely that this road, previously identified as the Western Route, will be constructed within the foreseeable future.

      The scheme is not in the West Dorset Local Plan and is currently only appears anywhere as a policy in the Weymouth Plan. The West Dorset Local Plan inspector noted that although the scheme was included in Structure Plan, following a review of strategic road schemes it was not carried forward into the draft Replacement Structure Plan.

      Similarly there is no road scheme planned in the Local Transport Plan.

  2. Tim Says:

    Is anything going to be done about the Sea Life carpark entrance as part of the current package. There also seems to be no measures to ease congestion on Commercial rd. The multi storey car park entrance frequently causes tailbacks to Kings roundabout. If these issues arent addressed the impact on Delays to public transport will be pretty significant.

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Tim,

      The answer is no, there won’t be physical improvements to these. However, once the relief road is open the signed route into town will be along the new Littlemoor Road and down the relief road. This will reduce the amount of traffic using Preston Beach Road.

      As part of the transport package, electronic car park guidance signs are being installed which will direct drivers to the available parking spaces. This will reduce congestion in the town centre caused by vehicles circulating looking for parking spaces.

  3. David Boyd Says:

    Many thanks for the blog, but it would be more useful to update us on how the work is progressing, rather than lots of defensive articles – it is great that the work is being done – the faster the better!

  4. Terry Says:

    ‘On a summer’s day, around 20,000 vehicles a day use King Street’
    Now it has been decided (March, 2011) to close King Street, that will be 20,000 vehicles looking for alternative routes to the shops in Jubilee Park and other town-centre destinations.

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