Portland Beach Road resurfacing

Work to resurface Portland Beach Road between Ferry Bridge and the sailing academy will start on Monday 5 July and last for three weeks, finishing on Friday 23 July.

The work will take place between 6pm and 1am Monday to Friday.

This is part of the county council’s accelerated investment in road maintenance over the next 12 months, as part of the transport planning for 2012.

Read the press release.


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7 Responses to “Portland Beach Road resurfacing”

  1. Tim Says:

    Well at least you are to be applauded for doing it overnight.

  2. Stuart Morris Says:

    Good news, but can you please include resurfacing the corner from Victoria Square into Victory Road which is like a ploughed field?
    This is a main access to the Olympic quarters at Officers Field.

    When is the Welcome to Portland sign to be replaced at Ferry Bridge?

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Stuart,

      There are no immediate plans to resurface Victoria Square or Victory Road.

      We have asked one of our county council technicians to inspect the carriageway to arrange any safety repairs, where they consider it to be appropriate. If a resurfacing scheme is required then it will be added to the request list, and it will then feature in a future programme of work.

      We believe that Portland Town Council is making arrangements to replace the ‘Welcome to Portland’ sign.

      • portland42 Says:

        Thank you, but why was this section not included in the Olympic package works? The decision to use Officers Field for athletes’ accommodation surely gives it the same urgency as the rest of the A354 from Weymouth.
        I reported the carriageway defect on the bend months ago, so am puzzled why no inspection has been carried out. Are there now no routine inspections anyway?

        The original Welcome to Portland sign was paid for out of Highway funds, not by the Town Council. There seems little prospect of the Town Council getting on with it.

      • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

        Hi portland42,

        This section of carriageway is inspected on a monthly basis so that any safety defects are quickly identified.

        Our colleagues have located a previous enquiry about this dated 6 April 2010 and the Weymouth technician noted that he had submitted this section of road for planned work. This means that Victoria Square and Victory Road have been added onto our capital request list to be prioritised against other schemes county wide.

        Hopefully you will understand that due to budgetary restraints only a proportion of those maintenance schemes submitted can be done each year.

        This section of road isn’t covered by the transport package works as we don’t anticipate this stretch of road having a significant increase of traffic during the Games.

  3. Kris Says:

    You wonder why you get so much abuse from the people of Weymouth & Portland, and it is justified at times. This article states that the work will continue for 3 weeks, so why do your road signs at each end of the Beach road state 2 weeks!
    A little attention to detail, planning and co-ordination would go along way in getting the local population on side.

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Kris,

      Your frustration is understood. On this occassion there appears to have been a communication break-down.

      The works will last three weeks in total, this week it was decided to undertake preparation works ahead of the resurfacing, which will will start on Monday and last for two weeks (as stated by the signs).

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