Letter from Cllr Finney

Cllr Peter Finney (large version)I would like to respond to some of recent Echo coverage of the roadworks now underway as part of the Weymouth Transport Package, and the concerns which have been raised by some residents and businesses.

Between now and 2012 over £100 million will be spent on the transport and road network in Weymouth and Portland – a huge investment in physical junction improvements, cycleways, public transport and road maintenance. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a transport infrastructure for modern times, and create more travel choice for local residents.

Throughout the whole planning process – from concepts and design to the start of work earlier this month – Dorset County Council has worked closely with the borough council on the Weymouth Transport Package to create a scheme that meets the requirements of transport planning and of residents.

And we have also made every effort to minimise the disruption the current roadworks will cause.

Contrary to what has been reported, we are not “too busy” to talk to people about the scheme and explain our reasoning behind its implementation. We have detailed pages on our website, http://www.dorsetforyou.com, including a regularly updated blog where people can find out information and make their views known. You can also speak to someone in the project team on 01305 224754.

We have consulted widely – before, during and after the design phase – with local bus and taxi companies, with borough councillors, the emergency services and members of the public.

We always knew there would be short-term inconvenience, but the long-term benefits are potentially immense. This isn’t just about catering for visitors during a two-week period in 2012, but about making Weymouth and Portland a better place to live and work in every day, for years and years to come.

In short, Weymouth is getting a package of measures to bring its transport infrastructure into the 21st century, which will improve conditions for residents and visitors alike.

Dorset County Councillor Peter Finney
Cabinet member for transport


4 Responses to “Letter from Cllr Finney”

  1. Stuart Morris Says:

    Did you really mean £100m between now and 2012? Or did you mean since the start of the Relief Road?

  2. Tim Says:

    Its all absolutely brilliant in the long term but it is truly scandalous that Weymouth’s already inadequate traffic system is being disrupted for so long. You claim to have an open policy as far as public interaction over the scheme is concerned and indeed this blog is all about public interaction. Please do the decent thing and answer my question, especially as it is the second time of asking.

    With over 100 million being spent on Weymouth’s creaking road infastructure why couldnt a few extra pennies be found to employ more workers to work more than 8 hours a day 5 days a week on the traansport package and get it done as quickly as possible?

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Tim,

      Although in excess of £100m is being spent on Weymouth’s transport infrastructure, the junction improvements allocation from the Department for Transport £10m.

      Serious consideration has been given to working double shifts to complete the work more quickly, however the cost incurred would be at least an additional £1m, which would need to be paid by the county council.

      We don’t feel that this represents value for money when minimal traffic delays are currently being experienced. (The current traffic management in place on Boot Hill is due to the works being carried out by southern gas and so cannot be taken into account in our budget).

      We are trying, where possible, to reduce our programme by increasing working hours for certain elements of construction.

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