Did you know?

Roadworks iconAll highway work that will affect the Olympic Route Network (ORN) has to be finished by July 2011, 12 months before the Games, as instructed by the Olympic Delivery Authority.

In Weymouth the work is particularly noticeable as utility companies, as well as the county council, are getting essential works done not only on the ORN corridor but also on the main side roads used by local residents, as these will see an increase of traffic during Games time.

Roads in Dorset that are part of the ORN include A31, A35, A37, A303, A354, A353.


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4 Responses to “Did you know?”

  1. IanJF Says:

    It would be useful if they could give estimated finish dates for each area of the works, such as Westham Roundabout/junction, ASDA roundabout/junction etc etc. These could be updated if delays if finishing are required (with reasons).

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Ian,

      Works at the Westham Junction are due to be finished by December and work at Harbour Junction, including Boot Hill junctions and the Rodwell Avenue junction, is scheduled to be finished in early January.

      We’ve put together a timeline to try and give residents an idea of when the work is happening and what traffic management there is likely to be.

  2. SimonL Says:

    Can you advise how long Boot Hill will remain one way please.

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Simon,

      Boot Hill will be one way until the start of October.

      At the moment southern gas are working on Boot Hill, with the road closed between Rodwell Avenue and Harbour Roundabout.

      At the end of August, the gas works move on to between Rodwell Avenue and Wyke Road and the transport package works start between Wyke Road and Harbour Roundabout.

      Our works then progress up Boot Hill until the start of October. At this time, we start work on the Rodwell Avenue junction, but this will be done under three-way temporary traffic signals.

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