Myth buster

Myth: Roundabouts are better than traffic lights

It’s all a question of capacity and control.

The current roundabouts in the town centre corridors cannot cope with the volume of traffic and frequently cause congestion.

Intelligent traffic signals, which talk to each other, can handle a much larger capacity of traffic and will be able to control the shifting pattern of vehicle movements.

They will also be able to sense buses and prioritise them through the junctions, making buses more reliable.

The only way to increase the capacity of the roundabouts is to increase their size, which is not possible due to the amount of land available.

Likewise, putting signals on the roundabouts would not work due to the current size of the roundabouts. 


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3 Responses to “Myth buster”

  1. Ian F Says:

    When the roundabouts were planned (and the guy got an award?) many, myself included said they would not cope with large traffic flow. If they had installed lights instead, they would have been easier to upgrade as technology improved, we would not now be in the current roadworks situation!

  2. Keith Phillips Says:

    The roundabouts do not cause congestion. The DCC own report makes it clear that most of the congestion in King St is caused by the traffic lights. As with your earlier article telling us that there are only slight delays on Lanehouse Rocks Rd, it appears that this site is being used to further distribute misleading information, which not only further alienates the local residents but is also a misuse of public money.

  3. Ian F Says:

    The way I read article that mentioned Lanehouse Rocks rd was comparing it to normal. As for Kings street, the traffic lights are what allows vehicles to actually move during busy periods at the clock mini roundabout, without them traffic would be further hung up on the Kings roundabout as drivers try to get into the correct lanes on the roundabout itself!

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