Ducting and digging

Westham Junction ducting (large version)

Work has started this week to put in ducting for the cables for the Westham Junction signals.

You can see the layout of the new junction and where the signals will be placed (numbered circles) in the drawing above.

The dotted green lines are the ducting work, where the road will be dug up and pipes will be put in to ‘house’ the junction cabling.


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3 Responses to “Ducting and digging”

  1. BenM Says:

    I am interested to see the proposed lane allocation for traffic travelling towards Weymouth along Westwey road.

    There are two lanes allocated to traffic turning right from Westway road into Abbotsbury road, 1.5 lanes dedicated to traffic continuing along the harbourside and only .5 lane allocated to traffic turning from Westwey onto the Swannery Bridge.

    From experience, the majority of traffic travels straight over the roundabout or turns left onto the bridge. The right turn lane on the Westwey/Abbotsbury road roundabout is invariably empty or nearly so.

    Why not allocate 1 right turn lane to Abbotsbury road, 2 for straight ahead towards the fire station and 1 left turn lane across the bridge?

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Ben,

      From your description I think there has been some confusion with the map.

      Westwey Road has a four-lane entry (right-hand road on the drawing): two right over Swannery Bridge, one straight on and one straight on and left into Abbotsbury Road.

      Weymouth Way has three entry lanes (left-hand road on the drawing): one left over the bridge, one straight on and one right into Abbotsbury Road. A second straight on lane is not possible due to the space available for the exit lanes.

  2. BenM Says:

    Oops! How did I manage not to notice the North Arrow? The plan makes complete sense now I read it correctly.

    Thanks for the response.


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