Myth buster

Myth: Nothing is being done to help Lynch Road

After the first day of the Boot Hill diversion, measures were put in place to prevent drivers from turning right from Lanehouse Rocks Road into Lynch Road. This right-hand turn had largely caused the congestion on Lanehouse Rocks Road.

The measures included:

  • Advisory sign stating no right-turn accept for access
  • Removal of the right-hand turn phase of lights, making it very hard for vehicles to turn right
  • Signals at Lynch Road junction with Fiveways changed to keep traffic waiting longer to try and dissuade people from rat-running along the road

As with all diversions, it relies on drivers following the advised route and not rat-running on local roads. Drivers cannot be forced onto diversion routes.

The next – more severe step – is to ban the right-hand turn altogether. However, this would have a large impact on residents and businesses on Lynch Road and cannot be taken lightly.


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7 Responses to “Myth buster”

  1. Peter Reynolds Says:

    Why are DCC and WPBC so reluctant to comment on the Dorset Echo’s stories about the local outcry?

    Whatever the truth the impression you’re giving is that you don’t care a damn about local people or the chaos that you’re causing in their lives.

    Is there anybody there with any courahe at all who is prepared to stand up and be counted or are you just all too worried about your jobs?

    We pay your wages. Don’t you think it’s about time you started paying us some proper respect?

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Peter,

      Most of the stories that have been reported recently in the local media do not represent a balanced view of what is happening on the traffic network in the borough.

      Dorset County Council does care about the residents of Weymouth and Portland.

      If you have specific concerns please email the project team on or you can call us on 01305 221000.

  2. John Smith Says:

    If you prevent cars from turning right into Lynch Road when travelling along Lanehouse Rocks Road from Wyke Regis, this will result in longer queues of traffic for cars that are travelling along Lanehouse Rocks Road towards Wyke Regis (from the direction of the Granby and Chickerell Road).

    This is because there is no filter on the traffic lights when travelling towards Wyke, only when travelling from Wyke. The only opportunity cars have to turn right into Lynch Lane is when a car is trying to turn right into Lynch Road- this allows enough of a gap in the traffic to squeeze through.

    Of course, if there was a roundabout at this junction, this would regulate traffic flow and allow everyone an equal opportunity. However, I am sure that DCC would find this a crazy idea- much better to rely on “intelligent” traffic lights than a system that is proved to work (and is far less expensive).

  3. Keith Phillips Says:

    This is a poor response to the problem. By removing the right filter, traffic trying to go straight on is held up even longer; by reducing the Fiveways timing, traffic is just having to sit longer outside homes and businesses. Both of these cause even more congestion, pollution and frustration to already fed up drivers. As for “access only”, where to? You are surely not expecting those trying to pick up from school in Radipole Lane to go almost to Chickerell and back? The signs also imply that access is not permitted for those coming out of Lynch Lane.
    A better solution is surely to have the right filter on for longer, at least during the day, and the same at Fiveways to get the traffic moving. This would be better for everyone except the relatively few voiciferous residents of Lynch Lane who are after all living on the main route from the industrial estate/holiday camp and like many others will have to put up with a bit of inconvenience.

  4. Peter Reynolds Says:

    So there’s some detailed, well thought through proposals. Please may we have a detailed,well thought through response? Surely these are exactly the sort of options and ideas you’ve already considered?

  5. Ali Says:

    Is it not possible to open up the right turn at the end of Lanehouse?

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Ali,

      It’s a very good suggestion (and an option the project team looked at before work started), but to allow the right-hand turn at this junction we would have to put an extra phase into the signals to stop all traffic on Chickerell Road.

      This would have a knock-on effect on the rest of the nearby road network, causing congestion on the road into the Granby, on Chickerell Road in both directions and on Lanehouse Rocks Road.

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