Open for business

The Punch and Judy man on Weymouth beach has spoken on Wessex fm about his concerns that the recent media coverage is having a negative effect on businesses in the town, and is actually proving more damaging than traffic queues themselves.


2 Responses to “Open for business”

  1. Robin Maslin Says:

    I feel the Echo has a vested interest in stirring up a story and will always paint a controversial picture. Isn’t it time that County Road Managers used the press on a regular basis to present a balanced argument? There is considerable frustration, not only at the delays but at the lack of information except what is reported in the echo and everyone knows the echo as a distorter of facts but people have no other information. You need a press officer at least. Better still the managers should do a face to face interview, maybe on local tv, wessex fm and the echo. Tell us the facts as you see them. This whole traffic saga is damaging to local authority status.

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Robin,

      The week before work started the project team invited all local media to a briefing on the transport package.

      The Dorset Echo, View from Weymouth and BBC Radio Solent were represented at this meeting.

      The project managers then spent time with the editor and news editor of the echo to run through with them what the project is, the likely impacts on traffic during construction and the long term benefits for the borough.

      The local media has met the project team and knows how to get in touch with them.

      We use the blog and the web pages extensively to keep people informed, as the media have limited space and often have to edit the information we give them.

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