Marsh Route cycleway

Work has started today on the new Marsh Route cycleway, which will run from Budmouth Technology College to the Rodwell Trail on Newstead Road.

For the next 13 weeks the section of cycleway and footway between the Marsh playing fields and Radipole Lane will be built.

The remaining northern section will be finished early next year, when transport package works on Harbour Roundabout have finished.

Read more about the work.


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2 Responses to “Marsh Route cycleway”

  1. george Says:

    yeah, this is much needed!

  2. BenM Says:

    As with most of the cycleways in the country, let alone Dorset, this one suffers from being broken by roads, where the cyclists have to give way to cars (which would have been stopping anyway at a junction – so there is no reason why not to have used the cycle path model found on the continent where cycle lanes tend to run in front of the give way lines).

    I could make use of the facility however as I cycle at way above walking pace the constant stopping and starting makes the cycleway useless to me so I will continue to play with the traffic.

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