Work starts on Monday at Harbour Roundabout near Asda and Westham Roundabout at the end of Abbotsbury Road, and Southern Gas Network will continue to work on Boot Hill.

Due to the narrow width of the road, Boot Hill will be one-way during the gas and highway works (starting from 9am on Monday 7 June for around four months).

Traffic will be able to go up the hill towards Portland, but people travelling north into town will be diverted onto Lanehouse Rocks Road.

During  the work on Boot Hill, Hope Square will be open to two-way light local traffic (starting from 7 June).

Read more about the start of work.


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4 Responses to “One-way”

  1. A Betts Says:

    Lately the traffic on Lanehouserocks Road has been backing up due to the bias of the lights. Lynch Lane seems to have too much. If more traffic is to be directed down this already busy road may I suggest re-thinking the traffic lights such that the northerly direction for Lanehouserocks Road in the morning has priority to turn right into Lynch Road or straight on. Then late afternoon the priority is given to traffic travelling south on Lanehouserocks Road.

    Actually an even better option would be to disable the light at this junction and at the Chickerell Road junction as when this has happened in the past there has been no traffic build up at all!!

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:


      The traffic control team at the county council will be monitoring the traffic in Weymouth during the works, and will make adjustments to the road network as necessary.

      A monitoring visit to the Lanehouse area is planned for this morning.

  2. C.Scragg Says:

    Can you please confirm that Hope Square is 2 way from Rodwell Avenue area? I, alongside other cars, tried to go this way yesterday and there was no notice up, just the usual NO ENTRY signs. There was a lot of confusion and we all had to try and turn around in a tight space then drive another route.
    This whole thing is a total nightmare anyway……lets hope people start getting on their bikes to work soon!

    • Weymouth Transport Package Says:

      Hi Charlotte,

      Yes, Hope Square is two-way.

      We covered the no entry signs up yesterday morning but unfortunately the covers were removed. The signs are now recovered.

      Dorset Police is also aware that Hope Square is two-way.

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